How to get to Maze Tower?

How to get to Maze Tower in GTA 5
The outline of Maze Tower in GTA 5 may seem quite familiar to many players, because this isn't just another skyscraper, but the place, which is legendary. After all, this building was the player's favorite place even in ancient times of GTA San Andreas! How many times we did a dizzying jumps with a parachute from the roof of this building? As you probably remember, getting to the roof of this building was simple: just go to the yellow marker at the entrance and you was upstairs in an instant.

However, in GTA 5, everything changed. Yellow marker had disappeared, closing access to the top of Maze Tower skyscraper. How to get in, you ask? Lets see.

There is no way the get to the top of Maze Tower without plane or helicopter!
So, there  is no yellow marker anymore. And we haven't the ability to climb up on vertical walls, like Spider-Man. But how to get to the roof of a skyscraper, without having any devices or abilities? In fact, the roof of Maze Tower may become available to you very easily, you just have to acquire your own helicopter. Using a chopper you won't even have to think, just fly up the tower and land on the roof.

Don't know where to get a helicopter? Then specially for you we have wrote an article about where to get a helicopter in GTA.

If you are a very skilled player or just believe in yourself, then why not to make a stunt: fly over the skyscraper on the plane, jump out of it and parachute smoothly to the roof. It's not easy, but much cooler than just to fly to the roof by helicopter.

By the way, you'll have a chance to jump off Maze Tower, like in the old days. It will happen in the mission "Targeted risk", in which you will have to make a dizzying jump from the top of Maze Tower and land right on the back of a moving truck.

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