GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

GTA 5 starter pack
Those people, who are not yet familiar with the world of computer game GTA 5, but really want to dive into its gaming atmosphere, will be trained in many skills from scratch. In addition, the beginners don't have the opportunity to use the additional options. However, it is not a reason to give up or learn the game process in non-stop mode. If you have money in the amount of $30 to $40, you can buy GTA 5 Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Of course, when entering the gameplay, no one will ever force you to buy this package. It was created by the developers of the game to simplify the passage of missions and more rapid rise through the levels up. And in this case, you certainly know betterif you can do it on your own or still better to take advantage of a very interesting and useful proposal from the developers of GTA 5.

The cost of the pack across all platforms

GTA Online Criminal Enterprise the cost of a set
What determines the cost of criminal enterprise starter pack? The first thing - it is the country that offers it. The second thing - it is the fame of the resource on which it can be purchased. The maximum cost is $40. And here it is important to remember two things: the starter pack is only for online games, and its purchase is not required if you already have it.

What is included in the pack

GTA Online garage
Game developers promise us a storm of new emotions that can be obtained using the advantages of the purchased package. Using it, the beginner will find for himself: the opportunity to start missions another unordinary way and master all the nuances of trade in weapons and money laundering in the shortest possible time, and will be able to drive on Los Santos on powerful cars and another means of transportation that in some cases will help him to quickly complete a certain mission. In general, all the delights of the criminal world will open to you in all its glory in a very short period of time and a relatively small payment.

When you buy gta online criminal enterprise starter pack you will receive, in addition to new sensations:

1) Real Estate:
  • Executive office of Maze Bank Wes
  • Bunker arms Paleto Forest
  • Senora Desert money laundering factory
  • Great Chaparral biker club
  • Apartments on 1561 San Vitas Street
  • 10-seater car garage on 1337 Exceptionalists Way
2) Cars:
  • Dune FAV
  • Maibatsu Frogger
  • Enus Windsor
  • Obey Omnis
  • Coquette Classic
  • Grotti Turismo R
  • Pegassi Vortex
  • Huntley S
  • Western Zombie Chopper
3) Weapons, clothing and tattoos:
  • Compact grenade launcher
  • Shooter rifle
  • Compact rifle
  • Stunt racer clothes and Import / Export
  • Biker tattoos
4) Money in the amount of a million dollars.

It would seem that who does not need a million dollars. The game character is also extremely need in it. For example, for the organization of additional storage space for weapons in its distribution. Or in order to upgrade his car. But despite the seemingly initially quite a significant amount of money, it is spent very, very quickly. Therefore, before you cheerfully start a rash shopping, it is necessary to determine which of the purposes are the most important to achieve, and to direct the cash flow to implement these plans.

The real estate

GTA 5 Maze Bank
One of the main buildings included in the criminal enterprise starter pack bundle is Maze Bank West. Using this place you can start most of the operations, which, according to experienced players, will quickly raise your level up and earn a decent amount of money. Another way of enrichment is the arms trade. And in this case the bunker arms Paleto Forest is very useful. No less popular way to make money in GTA 5 online is a criminal money laundering. Senora Desert money laundering factory is created for this purpose, and it also has good location. Great Chaparral biker club doesn't play a significant role for business in GTA 5. More likely, it is designed for your own pleasure. Also, don't carry a special meaning of the apartment On 1561 San Vitas Street and 10-seater car garage on 1337 Exceptionalists Way, as it can not be used in robberies due to its location.

The cars

GTA Online Obey Omnis
Maibatsu Frogger is a helicopter that allows the player to quickly move around the area. In addition to good speed, it has a high strength and allows the beginner to quickly master the skills of piloting. It's also very useful in air attack. The Turismo R is a car with excellent maneuverability, and it also allows the player to quickly master driving skills. Dune FAV is perfect for a rapid attack, especially if there is a shooter inside. The use of motorbikes will allow the character to be more maneuverable on the roads of Los Santos. Besides, Vortex and Western Zombie Chopper make a game character look like the leader of a gang of bikers.

GTA 5 Enus Windsor
Perhaps, if we talk about the useful properties of the purchased vehicles, then this list can be completed. Using other cars and another vehicles is a matter of taste.

Weapons, clothing and tattoos

GTA 5 Online weapons
For those who like to eliminate enemies at long range, a rifle shooter and a compact rifle are perfect, although the second has a stronger recoil and a little less affected area. The compact grenade launcher will be useful when destroying several enemies in cars, which is required during the passage of some missions.

The need for the use of biker clothing and tattoos is determined only by the taste preferences of the player.

Is there a need to buy

Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack Bunker GTA 5
According to the game developers, if you purchase all of the listed property separately, you will have to spend more than $10000000. The beginners will not be able to raise this amount at once: it will take a lot of time and effort to earn so much money. And if a beginner player does not have a fair share of perseverance and stubbornness, then he can simply throw the started, and not reaching the final.

There are cheaper ways to learn the game GTA 5, for example, buy a White Shark Card with a limit of $1250000, the cost of which does not exceed $20. But at the same time the opportunities will be limited by this amount. Although it can be used to buy Maze Bank West and the Convenience store on the Ranch To start some operations from there, which will allow you to earn needed amount of money to buy all of the above objects, if, of course, you will need them. But increasing the game level will also take you much more time than buying a starter pack.

If you are still in doubt about the need to buy this pack, think about the advantages that will give you the use of some of the above objects in the passage of missions. This way greatly simplifies the challenge and quickly leads to the achievement of the desired results.

Based on this, it should be concluded that the purchase of this pack in any case will not disappoint you. Therefore, the purchase of this package is highly recommended.

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