Where do you able to find fire truck

The main transport, which is used by the firefighters in the Grand Theft Auto V game, is introduced by the prototype of the Pierce Manufacturing truck. Fire Truck has rather impressive dimensions, but that does not prevent him from reaching on a straight line up to two hundred and nine kilometers per hour speed. It takes not more than eight seconds to reach the speed of one hundred kilometers per hour. Besides good maneuverability on rough terrain this fire truck has powerful water cannon, which could hit people from their legs and turn over automobiles on the roof.

firetruck back view
firetruck cabine

Where do you able to find fire truck?

In the basic version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game fire station could be not marked on the map and because of this to find the station with the fire truck you should know Blaine County, Los Santos and Los Santos County districts:
  1. DFS - situated in the San-Andreas state (in the Davis city). You can find it on the Macdonald Street.
  2. EI Burro Station – situated in the Santos state (suburbs of Burro Heights) on the Capital Boulevard Street.
  3. Zancudo – rather small station, situated on the aviation base in Fort Zancudo.
  4. Rockford Hills – location is situated in Los Santos on the crossroads of Dell Perro Boulevard and Drive Rockford.
  5. Shores Sandy – situated in the small town Sandy Shores not far from medical center, which is situated on the Alhambra street.
  6. PBFS – you can find it on Paleto Boulevard in the Paleto Bay city. This place is situated in the San-Andreas location.
  7. Seventh station is situated in the airport of Los Santos. In the online version of the game airport could be protected by the security.
If you know for sure, where fire station is situated, you can easily complete the mission when it is needed to deliver Fire truck in the specified place without any scratches.

map with firetrucks
It is also important to note, that for stealing fire truck you will need to have a fight with the driver, who is staying in the truck at the moment when his brigade set to their work.

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