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GTA 5 Radio
A great variety of music playing via in-game radio is a distinctive feature of the GTA games and its clones. GTA 5 is not much different from its predecessors - the amount of music available is huge. Besides, music of GTA 5 is very carefully chosen and fully consistent with the style of the game. In this article we will try to tell you more about the music and radio of GTA 5.

GTA 5 music is an integral part of the game. It complements a variety of gameplay elements making the game the way it is. Radio GTA 5 will make your trip a lot more pleasant, or will give the right rhythm, during a hot chase with the police. In addition to such things as music from the GTA 5 radio, there is available other kinds of music: background music, GTA 5 soundtrack, music from missions.

There are 18 radio stations avaliable in GTA 5. They differ quite a lot. At one station you will find rock and metal, the other will appeal to fans of hip-hop music. Also on each of them you can listen to DJ's talks. At the pastgen consoles available more than 240 tracks, but in the version for PS4, Xbox One and PC was added 160 new songs. Also, in addition to purely musical radio stations there are two talk radio stations where you can listen to the brightest media stars in the world of GTA 5. There are a lot of songs at each station and if you want to find any one of them to download it, then this article is just what you need! Specially for you we have collected and sorted a detailed list, where you will find all the songs from GTA 5.

GTA 5 radio:

Vinewood Boulevard Radio

Vinewood Boulevard Radio from GTA 5
Vinewood Boulevard Radio - is a radio station plays the music in a variety of rock, grunge and punk styles. This is the Michael's favorite radio, you can hear it every time you get into his Tailgather.

East Los FM

East Los FM from GTA 5
At radio East Los FM you can hear a variety of rock music and also electronic and Mexican music. This is one of five radio stations, on which you will never hear advertising.

West Coast Classics

West Coast Classics from GTA 5
West Coast Classics will be enjoyed by all hip-hop fans. Here you will find a wide variety of music from classic hip-hop and gangsta rap, to funk and other styles of modern music. One of the favorite stations of Franklin and his friends from the hood.

Rebel Radio

Rebel Radio from GTA 5
Rebel Radio is a radio made for the true American redneck, with a playlist consisting of country and rock. It is a radio, that plays in Ammu-Nation and the Blane County.

FlyLo FM

FlyLo FM from GTA 5
FlyLo FM is another hip hop radio station, playing also electronic music. As is clear from the name of the station, that most of the songs makes by Flying Lotus.

Channel X

Channel X from GTA 5
Channel X is a radio station that plays a variety of punk rock, hardcore and skatepunk. The favorite station of Trevor Phillips and many other characters of Blaine County.

Radio Los Santos

Vinewood Boulevard Radio from GTA 5
Radio Los Santos plays mostly hip-hop music. In addition to GTA 5, this radio was still available in GTA San Andreas.

Los Santos Rock Radio

Los Santos Rock Radio from GTA 5
On Los Santos Rock Radio you can always hear classical and pop rock, soft rock, metal and similar music. One of the favorites stations of Michael and Trevor. It can be heard in Trevor's meth lab.

The Lowdown 91.1

The Lowdown 91.1 from GTA 5
The Lowdown 91.1 plays mostly R&B, classic soul, funk and disco. Apparently, the favorite station of Amanda, Michael's wife.

Blue Ark

Blue Ark from GTA 5
Blue Ark is a radio playing upbeat reggae music. A small number of songs compensate by their quality.

Non-Stop-Pop FM

Non-Stop-Pop FM from GTA 5
Non-Stop-Pop FM is a radio station in GTA 5, plays a variety of musical styles from pop and rock to dance music and alternative. Favorite station of Tracy.

WorldWide FM

WorldWide FM from GTA 5
WorldWide FM is a radio playing modern progressive music in a variety of styles, from minimal techno, to dubstep and post-rock. A great choice for those who are young and progressive.

Space 103.2

Space 103.2 from GTA 5
Space 103.2 - dance radio station that plays post-disco, funk and R&B. One of the favorite stations of Amanda De Santa.

Radio Mirror Park

Radio Mirror Park from GTA 5
Radio Mirror Park mainly plays modern dance music of different styles, including a rather rare kind of psychedelic pop.

Soulwax FM

Soulwax FM from GTA 5
Soulwax FM is another GTA 5 radio, performing electronic music. Including a plurality of styles of house and techno. By the way, there is a real Internet radio called Radio Soulwax.

The Lab

The Lab from GTA 5
In rotation of The Lab radio you can find quite a variety of music. Including hip-hop, electronic, rock, R&B and more. This radio is only available for PC versions of the game.

The last two radio in our list are not playing music, but there you can listen to a funny talk show:

West Coast Talk Radio

West Coast Talk Radio from GTA 5
West Coast Talk Radio is a talk radio where you can hear the most famous and unusual people in the world of GTA 5. Lazlo runs a show here.

Blaine County Talk Radio

Blaine County Talk Radio from GTA 5
Blaine County Talk Radio is talk radio in GTA 5, one of the leading of which is Ron, who share his paranoid theories through it.

I hope our list was helpful to find and download music from GTA 5. We will update Playlist as soon as there is new music avaliable. Share your opinions and suggestions in the comments below and stay tuned - there is a lot more on it's way!

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