GTA 6: all the news at the beginning of the year

GTA VI News and Rumors

What are fans of the series expecting?
Is GTA 6 coming soon? Despite the lack of statements from Rockstar Games about the development of the game, this question is clearly in the air.

It's hard to believe it, but more than seven years have passed since the release of the last part on the postgene consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The prosperity of GTA 5 during this time suggests that it is time to make a new, modernized in every sense, part. Even the success of GTA Online, which has a colossal number of concurrent users in 2021, should not slow down the event with the release of the continuation of the franchise.

The problem is that now you can only rely on rumors and rare leaks of information. Rockstar keeps quiet, not giving out even a grain of news hinting at GTA 6, but fortunately, it does not declare no plans for the game. It is unlikely that the developers will show the developments before the game is 90% done. Until the next generation of consoles appeared, it was useless to wait for news, but when the PS5 and Xbox Series X went on sale, the chance to see the studio's developments increased.

What do we have at the moment?
What should you know about the release of Grand Theft Auto 6?
- When is it worth waiting for the release? This is the biggest mystery of the Internet, and it will take a long time.
- What platforms should the game be expected on? Presumably it will be based on new generation consoles.
- Will there be a PC release? As with the previous 4 and 5 parts, the release on the PC will be postponed indefinitely, the first time GTA will be exclusive to Sony and Xbox.
- Should we expect a change of locations in the sequel? Users have already heard rumors that the place has been chosen and the hot Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco will be the prototype of the new city,

Rockstar has a reputation for being a secretive studio, so it doesn't make sense to expect an official release date. But in fact, recently, even despite the mystery, obvious facts have surfaced to the surface. Every little detail merges into one picture - RS is preparing a new single-user project.

The following facts hint to us:
- Rockstar patented advanced artificial intelligence technology. The main focus in technology is the ability of NPCs to react to the world around them, building algorithms of actions from this. The limitations of other technologies that interfere with full immersion are emphasized, which puts the patent ahead.
- Take-Two is committed to releasing a single player game. T-T CEO Strauss Zelnik made a statement, "We intend to continue working on single player projects, revealing further thoughtful plots, this is the primary task." This may mean that the development of GTA 6 is already underway. Also, one of the studio insiders hinted at this, directly speaking about the "early stage of development" of the game.
- Parent company Rockstar, according to information from Reddit, has updated domains for upcoming games - two domains gtavi and gtavicecityonline have become occupied at once.

A change in the choice of characters is also expected. The character swap feature that players liked will get to the new part, the change is that it is planned to add a female playable character (for the first time in the GTA series).

Leaks of information on Reddit open our eyes to new and old favorite locations. Based on the posts already deleted, the conclusion is drawn that Rockstar will send players to conquer Vice City, Liberty City and a previously unused city decommissioned from Rio. The development of locations will be inspired by RDR 2, where interaction with the environment has been brought to a new level.

Recent information leaked to the network that the plot of the game is ready and is kept in the strictest confidence, makes it clear that there is hope, but GTA 6 is still far from the end of production. We can only wait and hope for new stuffing and leaks from behind the walls.

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