Mclaren F1 road version 1997 (v1.0.0)

The model features: - 2 extras - secondary paint color is used to change the color of the material for car seats and steering - fine-grained material carbon fiber" (carbon). - quality detailed model. - excellent combination of models with the plugin enb series - painting works (exact copies as in NFS Shift).- post optimization of the materials and geometry of the model - complete adaptation for HQLM v2 - the presence of chromium and Shine - work light of lanterns -- compatible with new original exhausts v1.0.0 - compatible with wild upgrades your cars v1.0.0 - tuning in гаражеTransFender.- installing paint work with the new uvw map materials - improved quality tekturnoy Mclaren F1 road version '97 quite unique. This model of the automobile made for GTA San Andreas, was born, through improvisation work. Body and beauty has its roots in a Test Drive Unlimited, and from Need For Speed Undercover and Shift our car got: engine, wheels, suspension, carbon fiber (carbon), lanterns and many other materials. The car performed at the highest level, simply everyone is obliged to sit behind the wheel of this legendary luxury and fly at a maximum speed on open spaces of San Andreas.Описание.На first glance, it seems that this car is a dream, a fantasy: whether is it possible for a road car to develop speed up to 386 km/h, rather it is the prerogative of a racing car category Formula 1. The body of carbon fiber and low landing machines are associated with cars of class "Grand Prix". And yet it is a reality, it is "McLaren F1"Prozvannyj "F1", this car was originally planned as a road and was not intended for racing tracks; but, undoubtedly, it is technologically more complex among ever released earlier machines of this class. The car makers Gordon Murray dubbed his creation "last road vehicle "Murray, arrived in the UK in 1969 from South Africa, has developed a 34 racing car, who has won 41 race victory in the Grand Prix, joined McLaren later, in 1987. A year later, with his direct participation in the creation of racing cars, McLaren scored a victory in the Formula 1 racing, and three years later - another victory in these competitions; only in 1992 indicators McLaren cars were blocked another famous racing brand - Williams.Однако it was only a stepping stone, preparation to implement the long-standing dream of Murray about how to create a super-car: in 1988 he presented his vision to the head of McLaren, Ron Dennis, who was conquered submitted by the project. The result of the negotiations was created on March 17, 1989 "McLaren Cars Limited, bringing the embodiment of the dreams of the Murray, which he nurtured since 1960. To create a new car there were separate production areas; technical leader of the project was Murray, to design the future of the automobile McLaren managed to attract the famous expert in this field, Peter Stevens, who already had experience in creating super car: his talent owe their birth magnificent Lotus Elan 1989 and Jaguar XJR-ABT on the project began in March 1990 and lasted almost 11 months; finally, in June 1991 ready drawings of the new cars were presented to the court TAG McLaren Group. Tests conducted on the mobile stand of the company showed outstanding rezultativitates presentation of driving a McLaren F1 was held in the sporting club in Monaco on 28 may 1992, on the eve of the Principalitys Grand Prix. There was a declared value of this super car that plunged into shock, a very wealthy club members - 530 thousand pounds sterling. However, there were ten people, who immediately made the first payment for purchase of this machine, which was about 106 thousand pounds each. The company has built about 300 cars McLaren F1. What is so attractive in the McLaren F1? All the major sites were created from scratch, without repeating the already known combination; private double a body "compartment" artistic design and is very functional: its futuristic appearance backed by a luminous material from which the body is carbon fiber, which is actively used at creation of racing cars. Its authors did not set as the purpose to create fashionable and comfortable car. It is a squat, korotkobaznaya, with superb aerodynamic performance create, triumph layout and compactness: even doors open on hinges forward and weren emphasis in the McLaren F1 was made to maximize the benefits of action clamping force between the vehicle and road surface. In addition, there are two fan, designed to suppress unwanted air flow. The layout of the car had a distant resemblance to a system that Murray has already used in "Brabham BT46", the participant of Formula 1, 1978 Godana McLaren F1 - Central carrying the body, made up of 94 carbon fiber parts, aluminum porous pieces, baked in a massive vacuum oven McLaren. This extraordinary building is one of the most important features that McLaren F1 to develop the highest rates in the ratio of weight and power among ever built road machines. Powerful a 6.1-liter 12-cylinder BMW (550 HP) and small weight of the vehicle (only 1018 kg) allows McLaren F1 to achieve specific power, redundant for normal road avtomobilniy engine was created by BMW Motorsport specifically for the McLaren F1, and has nothing to do with a standard road car V12 engines. For every six cylinder has a separate chain drive upper camshaft, which operate four valves on every cylinder, each of which has its own hydraulic pusher; V12 uses an internal system of injection of fuel of the company TAG.Мюррей avoided the heavy four-wheel drive, and so on McLaren F1 drive only on a back sprocket; transmission six-speed: the first five smoothly accelerates the car to 257 km/hour, the sixth - increases the speed to 386 km/hour. The magnificent five-spoke wheels magnesium alloy, wearing a pair of specially designed Goodyear protectors, and front and rear tires of different sizes, making it impossible to use spare wheel, and it is not necessary, because all bus McLaren F1 is shielded from punctures. All brake discs work just like the type chetyrehochkovym racing. Behind they are cooled through the small flap on the faces drawn in the back of the body, which also play an important role in the perfect aerodynamics automobileinsurance McLaren F1 is also unusual: the driver's seat bright red color, is ahead in the middle, two seats and a little behind, on either side of the driver's seat, finished in black leather. The engine is started with the big red button, located under the small hinged door on the dashboard. The car is equipped with a nice air-conditioning system. The car is equipped with ultramodern facilities: in the cabin has two computers with the ability to communicate with its own database, McLaren, which is important in an unexpected car breakdown or other difficulties arising from the driver. The system functions anywhere in the world. The first McLaren F1 was released at the end of 1993 and beginning of 1994 reached lucky clients. Advanced in the production process, this car will make to beware of the owners of its venerable predecessors: Jaguar XJ220, Bugatti EB110 and Lamborghini Diablo.

Author YourCreatedHell
Brand McLaren
Model F1
Car type Passenger car
Car body style Coupe
Drive type Rear wheels (RWD)
Model to replace Super GT
Contains a painting jobs
Number of paintjobs 4
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supergt.txd (1.1mb)
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