In Los Santos now has a club racers, which is called ' black list '.
Earning a little reputation, CJ was adopted at this Club and begins the fight for first place in the list!
Become a sphere (check box icon) to start the mission.
After successful completion, you will get the reputation points RACER, for which you can rent a car for racing.
New missions await you!

The marker is located near the stadium in Los Santos.
It Is Important To:
-For normal game you have to go through most of the original mission, that would be all the cities were opened because the race will be all over SA;
-It is advised to put a mod on GTA-clean (without mods), the game does not seem to you very simple or complex of Chur for the level you set in transport;

-Enemies or friends can call CJ ' e on the phone;
-If you want to start a career, then press "Application key";
-You can find the list by pressing the TAB key;
-All races tested on all available cars, so they could actually pass.

Author wmysterio
CLEO version CLEO 4

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