System robberies v4.0 for GTA San Andreas

Fourth, the final version "robbery" for GTA San Andreas. The modification has undergone dramatic changes, both in terms of design and in terms of gameplay.

Robbery of businesses:

Spacebar + 1 - select mask. Yes, as in the third version we need to choose a mask. But now it has become mandatory! After pressing spacebar + 1 keys 1, 2, 3 select the desired mask. The screen will prompt, what the key for which the mask says:
1. Plain black mask;
2. Red handkerchief;
3. Blue shawl.

Spacebar + 2 - choose the role in the robbery. If we were an ordinary robber, now we have a choice of three roles, which are also selected keys 1, 2, 3:
1. Ordinary robber. As of release 3.0, go to the company, direct the eye to the seller and we press G. Get money, skip out!
2. Driver. About this role will discuss later.
3. Tech. For this role available hacking ATMs and cash theft vehicles.

Spacebar + 3 - to select weapons. The weapons with which You will go on a robbery:
1. A professional service. Sniper rifle, knife, silenced pistol, etc
2. Not a professional service. M4, bat, desert eagle, etc
3. Your weaponry. What is in Your Arsenal.

- Space + 4 - choose mercenaries for robbery. Mercenaries will play an important role in the robbery, shoot from the police, and if You chose the role of the driver, they will Rob them for You:
1. Professional mercenaries;
2. Not a professional mercenaries;
3. Robbery alone.

Spacebar + X (eng) - reset all settings to default. Useful if You accidentally made the wrong choice.

Spacebar + 5 - start questiou mission. The mission is to find and steal the van brand "Pony". It will sit Your mercenaries. The mission required to complete, because it gives the player a chance to unwind a little before challenging robbery. The role of technology is another quest mission.

Spacebar + 0 - terminate the current robbery. Mercenaries get out of the car and go about their business. (Requires patch 4.0.0 or higher.)

Now a little about the role of the driver. The essence is simple - You choose any company, coming up to him, namely to the yellow marker near the entrance and press G. the Rest of Your mercenaries will do for You. If You chose the role of a driver and has not taken any mercenary with them, You will be very difficult.

For the role of the common burglar added the ability to steal the goods from the counter. While this option is available only for clothing stores. To steal the goods only after the main robbery. To steal the goods, and go to the shelves and press "F". Exit the shop and go to the place of sale of stolen goods. The resulting profits. (Requires patch 4.0.1 or higher.)

Also for the role of "Technician" was added to its quest mission. Its goal: to steal from a warehouse tools that you need for hacking ATMs and collector cars. (Requires patch 4.0.1 or higher.)

The money that You received when the robbery is now divided among the mercenaries, if You took them on robbery. Works with patch 4.0.1 or higher.

Also You will not be able to bring mercenaries, if You took the role of tech, because they simply do not need. Works with patch 4.0.1 or higher.

Now about bugfixes and modifications.

I. Ordinary robbery.

- Bugs with robberies version 3.0 was not found.
Masks became mandatory during the robbery.
- Added role in the robbery.
- Added ability to choose the type of weapon.
- Added the ability to hire mercenaries to Rob.
- Added quest mission.

II. The theft of an armoured car.

- Fixed bug with "underground helicopter".
- Fixed a bug when the car was lost after the robbery and the player sitting in it died.
- Improved tracing system: 4 stars added to the already existing stars investigation. I.e You had 2 stars, You stole collector car added another 4 stars.

III. Hacking ATMs.

- Fixed bug with withdrawal after a break-in.
- Fixed bug with output values for the boundaries of Randy. Simply put, the player could loot millions, although the script was a maximum of 10K.
- Added ability failed to break into the ATM. When not hacking, You don't get money, but get a 1 star wanted.
- In case of successful hacking CJ sets down to the ATM and start collecting cash.
- A failed hacking CJ will show the middle finger.
- As well as collector cars, now star wanted added to the existing ones.

IV. The rest of it.

- If you get angry mercenary (throw him out of cars, for example), it will refuse to work with You and may even start for You to shoot!
- Optimized code. The script works twice as fast.

Free download mod System robberies v4.0 with automatic installation using the links below.

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