The missions in GTA San Andreas

The passage of GTA San Andreas

Everyone is familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas being one of the most popular and successful ones in it. Open world, tons of possibilities – the game is trying to be as close to reality as possible. But before you do anything else in GTA San Andreas, you should start with the main storyline missions.

How many missions are there

Missions in GTA SA
The game starts with Carl, the protagonist, finding out about his mother’s death. He comes back to Los Santos to find that the gangs have started a full-on war for territory. He must regain the respect of his peers and build a gang.

There are 87 main storyline missions that are divided between several parts. Aside from them, to get a 100% completion, you need to:

  • Finish all 3 of the schools;
  • Win all races;
  • Complete all odd job missions;
  • Collect 50 oysters, take 50 photos, spray 100 tags and collect 50 horseshoes;
  • Purchase all property;
  • Have relationships with all 6 girlfriends;
  • Learn all fighting styles;
  • Become the best shot by completing shooting range missions;
  • Finish all stadium events;
  • Complete all Import-Export missions.
We pass each mission of GTA San Andreas
If you don’t want to struggle with all of this by yourself, you can always find walkthrough videos on the Internet.

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