How to earn money in GTA San Andreas

Earnings in GTA SA

In order to become the most powerful criminal in GTA San Andreas, the protagonist needs to gain a lot of respect and money. The first is gained by completing missions, while the latter is earned in multiple ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:
  • Completing missions;
  • Odd jobs (vigilante, paramedic, firefighter);
  • Being a taxi driver;
  • Gambling;
  • Betting on horse races.
You get a slow yet steady cash flow by completing missions. Other methods often rely on luck and might take some time.

How to earn money in GTA SA
For example, if you decide to gamble, you should do the following: save your game and place a bet, if you win – place another one, but if you lose – load a game and try your luck again. This way you can make a lot of money in a relatively short period of time and spend it on ammunition, weapons, vehicles, property etc.

Where to get money in GTA San Andreas

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