Carcols.DAT. change color cars

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
Carcols.DAT. change color cars.

You've probably noticed that the color of cars in Gta Sa pale and similar. want to change them?, I will explain how to do that. So. to start, go to the folder with the game, then the Data folder and find the file Carcols.DAT and open it with Notepad (click on the file with the left mouse button-open with Notepad) you see this:

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
What I said in red, we don't need to.that said we are going to work in blue.
Now explain how all this works. First written list of all colors, for a total of 126.
0,0,0 # 0 black black
245,245,245 # 1 white white
42,119,161 # 2 police car blue blue
132,4,16 # 3 cherry red red
38,55,57 # 4 midnight blue dark blue
134,68,110 # 5 temple curtain purple purple
215,142,16 # 6 taxi yellow yellow
76,117,183 # 7 striking blue bright blue
189,190,198 # 8 light blue grey light blue grey
94,112,114 # 9 hoods light

Here's 9 of them as you can see, the first written numbers. they indicate how many blue, red and green in this color. for those who do not know: when mixing these three colors can be any other. next comes the color number and name, so to understand what color the number. If you do not know English, just translate the names of colors through a translator.
For example, # 0 Black-# 0, # 1 Black White-# 1 White, etc.

Below this list of flowers is a list of car models.

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
As you can see, after the name of the model, we have a list of colors with which this car is painted in the game.
For example ambulance, Ambulan 1.43.
First, the model name, then the number of colors., they are specified by a comma-separated list of two, because many machines bicoloured. First, such as the red-and-white, Blista Compact (it is a small two-door hatchback, standard machine in the game), too: it's the two-tone bumper and body colors.
So watch list. number one we have white, number forty-three red. that's right, an ambulance red and white. and if you change the color, for example write 1.0 (white, black), the ambulance will be black and white.

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
Another example: Sentinel 0.63 1.25 8.56 56.98 86.32 74.2 as you can see, there are many colors in the game machine will be the red, black, yellow, etc., Change this line to the Sentinel 1.0 0.1 (white, black, black, white) mean machine in the game will either be black or white:

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
But we have black and white and white-and-black a machine only black or white. the second color is applied any trifle., janitors or salon or there.. muffler. for illustration purposes, let's write: sentinel 0.43 (black, red) then we'll see, we have use red.

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
AHA. brake pads., the first color is the color of the car, and the second is the color pads. Similarly, on many machines. think that everything is clear.

Now let us return to the figures indicating the colors. we need a Photoshop CS3. If you don't have it, still read the article through.

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
That said, it's blue color table. are there any color. and on the right there are three Windows with figures on the screenshot you can see that I chose black and in the Windows of numbers 0, 0, 0. Similarly, in the Carcols. we choose, for example, the Windows appear yellow numbers: 255, 238, 95. try to apply them to the game:

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
So, first we write numbers 255, 238, 95 then room # 127 then the name of the color yellow then the name of the color, but you can write the name of the color Yellow again. the name of the color you should write just for convenience, to never forget where what color. But you can write wrong, playing the main room colors and figures at the beginning of the string.
All, go in the game, going into the Transfender and there will be yellow.
As you can see in the screen above, I did not replace any color, and made one more. There may be at least 300, but the Transfendere will only be 64. what it is-I don't know. I have not yet figured out exactly how the game selects the color for the Transfendera, if not replace, ADD color, it will be in Transfendere, but some old uberëtsâ. If you are confused, here's:
236, 106, 174 # 126 pink light
255, 238, 95 # 127 yellow

Yellow I added # 127, it would be Transfendere. # 126, too. And instead of got there # 127 I don't know.

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
But it is not important, the main thing that new colors was there.
And to apply it to any car, you just need to write:
Sentinel 127,0
hope you all clear if you are lazy to pick up the colors, I've compiled a few:

Carcols.DAT. change color cars.
Insert these figures rather than any other, that you do not like: 59, 78, 120 # 20 mariner blue blue-88.185.73 # 20 Green if there are any questions, ask in the comments. I hope the article you helped.

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