Lessons for GTA San Andreas

How to work with texture TXD files

How to work with texture TXD files

How to work with texture TXD files
Hi everyone! Are you BADIkPAN of Studios "Silent World Game"
And this article is about - working with "TXD" and replacing textures in the program TXD Workshop.

How to create a pickup store

Hello, in this tutorial I'll show you how to create a pickup CONSERVATION.
This manual is no such knowledge comes only with experience ,but who are too lazy to wait
thanks to detail So ,we will do our external script with using Sanny Builder 3 ,and
in the future, just SB (download can SANNYBUILDER.COM)

How to tint the glass in Zmodeler

Here I will talk about how toned glass in Zmodeler'e (hereinafter splinter).
To start import model in thorn (texture from file TXD must be in the same folder as DFF, some models can be boarded up and you cannot open them)
This is what it should look like

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
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