How to tint the glass at Zmodeler'e

Here I will talk about how toned glass in Zmodeler'e (hereinafter splinter).
To start import model in thorn (texture from file TXD must be in the same folder as DFF, some models can be boarded up and you cannot open them)
This is what it should look like

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e

Further to the left or to the right press glass right-click and select «Properties»

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
See it here

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
Remember the name of the material (in this case Matte: 66333333 [evn:2,spec,trans])
Next we open the material editor

How toned glass Zmodeler'e
And see this window, trying to drive in the search name Mata Matte: 66333333 [evn:2,spec,trans] and click find

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
next, click on the Mat, in the tab color and lighting set up the desired color by dragging sliders,
and in the settings tab, set up the transparency transparency

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
If everything is configured, press OK

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
Also, you can configure a different color
Now export model. Click the export button and then select the type of file (for example we GTA San Andreas .DFF (*.dff))
It is IMPORTANT name when exporting must match the root name of the model, but you nifiga непоняли che I wrote) so

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
If everything is correct, жамаем export and then plug the model into the game

P.S If the game by car some details white (i.e. without textures), and in занозе everything seems OK, then do the following
Open the model in занозе, right click on the part that game white and select Geometry - tip - format value Channel UV on all children must bear 2, if you have a value of 1, then change it to 2, if there is 2, then it means that either the details of textures, or not in the file TXD

How toned glass in Zmodeler'e
Further export model and paste into a game

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