The secrets of our favorite GTA San Andreas

Secrets from all our favorite GTA San Andreas
Secrets of all our favorite GTA San Andreas
In the state of San Andreas, you can find a lot of interesting things.
This can be a weapon, reminders from previous versions of GTA, secret room and other tricks.

Grand theft auto San Andreas:

1. In the area ganton on the roof of the house Suite can be found Tec9.
2. Behind the house is the Rider is a spade.
3. For the second house on the left, from the house Suite is a gun.
4. In the house of Sijia you can find some interesting photos: his mother, and the cool cat.
5. In the bar «Ten green bottles» there is Billiards. If you lose, killing an opponent, will be able to withdraw their money.
6. In the state of San Andreas people sleep with open eyes!
7. At noon from the heat cracks asphalt.
8. In the last mission from Catalina she says she is going with her new guy in liberty city. Her newfound fan is very similar to the main character GTA3.
9. If you eat too much, then Charles pull straight up on the counter.
10. Near mount Chiliad is the shadowy Glenday. Come to this place, and wait a bit. After a few seconds will come Glenday, and the driver is not in him!
11. Shop Zero sold disks Manhunt and Vice City.
12. In the mission where the Mafia boss seeing Charles dies from a heart attack, you should protecting Ken Rosenberg to escape from the warehouse. In one of the hottest gunplay is the following dialogue:
-As in the good old days Yes, Tommy?
-Ken, what the fuck Tommy?
13. The entrance is under the historical bridge hunt (San Fierro). If you go in there, unfortunately, you will not find anything.
14. In the mission where the gang «Four dragons» plans the robbery casino, plan a casino is located on the stand with the image of the group Love Fist, the most famous group Weiss city.
15. The prototype Ferrari in San Andreas.
16. In Las Venturas a giant image of the Avery Cannington (known businessman from Weiss city).
17. In the state it is possible to find the big Board with the image candy Sachs.
18. Near the home of the Ryder you can find the knuckles (under the bridge).
19. Six-barreled gun can be found on a railway crossing from San Fierro in Las Venturas.
20. In the desert near Las Venturas, you find the picturesque geyser.
21. On the top of the bridge hunt front plate: «There is no Easter eggs. Get out of here!»
22. Make it so that you was caught by the cops in the first city, and when you stand near their headquarters, enter it, then go straight and right, there will be a cloakroom, and a further bathroom. There you will find a mysterious weapon!
23. There is one point in the mission stihi Rabid Dog. There one of the guards, playing consoles, says Tanner clumsy ass, etc. As you understand it's about the game Driver.
24. In Los Santos find the tallest skyscraper (on the map it is circular). It could go. On the rooftop you will find a parachute, you can ciganot directly from a skyscraper.
25. In the house where was the mission on the race in the suburb of las venturas have all four weapons killer. This and a flamethrower, and the grenade launcher and the RPG, and minigun.
26. It is possible to find plane on which we are now when buying a ticket. It is located in the airport las venturas, at the very end of the huge hangar, I think it is possible to notice it.
27. As in Vice city, you can shoot a sniper in the moon, and it will vary in size.
28. If you believe that the tank is very slow, it's not. Enough to turn the tower back and shoot. You may even catch up fast machine.
29. If you take the unit and to move a couple of people, instead of wheat from the pipe will fly out of recycled human flesh and bone.

30. On the license plate of the machine Sweet'and written: GROVE4L.
31. In sex boutique you can find a lot of cool things, such as chainsaw-samotyk or drives from Vice city and Manhunt.
32. The device of night vision and Thermal goggles are in the mansion of a Rabid Dog.
33. You can find a Bazooka with homing between canisters at the airport of San Fierro. Closer to the helicopters.
34. If you completed the game 100%, then this is for you. If suddenly caught fire car, boat, helicopter, etc. then just type HESOYAM, and the machine will stop burning.
35. Packer, tow tractor - that unites them all? This is something that they can transport cars. For example, you need a band for export, and the door was shut. No problem, take packer, coming back to the car, though the car will arrive on track. Then held 2 or 8 (humpad) and you can go. And the tractor and tug one system: held 8, drive up and see that the cable is hooked up to the bumper and then held 2 to lift a car.
36. In the beach area of San Marina in los santos closer to pan'n spray has the inscription SON OF BEACH (the son of the beach), and lower T-Shirts "N" shit (t-shirts with the inscription N shit).
37. Near stone County in the suburbs of las venturas a tavern, called Lil samples. Now, in the tavern in the utility room there is a bathroom with a map of the UFO.
38. In the house Denise Robinson hangs a poster Weiss city.
39. At the cemetery Los Santos one grave dug, and in the crypt there is a TV and a box of pizza!
40. If you do not touch the management for 2-3min. The camera will start to follow the feminine sex.
41. If you crash into the cops and wait when they come out, AND then IMMEDIATELY HAZANUT, COP car travels for a couple of meters itself, i.e. without driver.
42. If the night to look at the sky (Better off away from the city or street lights), you can see the constellation URSA major, as well as the North star.
43. Still there is a place where the plane lies the sniper (sometimes it does not happen) shows a chart on which a pink mark this place.
44. To get to the airport in San Fierro without skills flight school need to jump off the cliff above the airport in the car. By the way there, and the machine is always available on the roadside, apparently for just such cases.
45. RombotВ one of the ports of San Piero worth submarine.
46. In amanali there paper CJ.
47. Some Immunotech written guns guns guns - code gta3 on weapons.
48. In the police station at the stand you can see photographs of gangs of Manhunt.
49. On the beach in Los Santos have flower girls identical to the ones in Mancante on 8 level.
50. Thieves van is not only in Los Santos but in San Fierro. It is next to the driving school between the houses to the right of the entrance!
51. On the red County, which lies near Los Santos is the photographer. If you go to him, he will start to take pictures of you, and then thrown into the water.
52. Remember in Weiss city we were collecting figurines Voodoo drug inside (it was necessary to collect 100 pieces)? In San Andreas is the building which symbol is such a statuette, however, this centre call girls =).
53. At night, as in Weiss city in the sky we can see the logo of Rockstar of stars.
54. In politickom garage in los santos and las venturas always have some means of transport: airplane, boat and even Hydra.
55. If you shoot at the cash register any clothing store that out $ bills but not for long, after 5 seconds, they will disappear.
56. At the airport in Los Santos if you jump over the fence, at the end of the runway (by a large passenger plane) is the machine M-4.
57. If the theft is better to call in a house with orange Windows (there are steep and very $dear$ acoustics). Better to kill the hosts right out with a silenced 9mm (saves a lot of time!).
58. If travelling by train is very fast (especially in the opposite direction) train derail!
59. Right from BURGER SHOT behind the houses can be found (English FOREVER) AK-47.
60. For inscription «VineWood» you can find a cane.
61. From the airport to the terminal station of the trains (there are only cars) just inside them you can find bleed and reservation.
62. Flare heat-seeker can fire with fire by bike!
63. There is a glitch, if you go to the house (in case of theft) and there will be sitting people, then after completing the theft could be accessed in the same house!
64. Today I tried to hijack the train... See, I gained speed and my train rolled over on the inversion. Standard train explosion was not, but when me - I am an ordinary citizen could push this train (manually) to the station.
65. Next to the snack bar at the bridge (on one of the supports is there a sign «There are no easter eggs») on the pedestal lies a piece of cable from the bridge. Also, there is a shield with the data on the bridge (length, height, and what is most interesting is the number of polygons and the amount of occupied space on HDD!).
66. Find and go to the shop Zero's RC and pay attention to the racks,especially for stoically racks are visible in the sale of plastic figurines Tommy Vercetti, and lance Vence,on a different shelf you can see the Cache and Pigsy are characters from the simulator maniac-Manhunt.
67. Every bar you can see a SWAT officer of the simulator of a maniac-Manhunt.
68. Flowers for his girl can be found at any cemetery in the state.
69. In the area of bone county in the suburbs of las vetnurs near the dam there is a large satellite dish, and a car nearby sandking (king Sands). The jeep is very suitable for driving on sand.
70. In San Andreas, there is a funny glitch. If you jump from a parachute, and then enable snooze, then CJ no parachute, he will keep it in my hand.
71. In the first mission for Catalina at a gas station in the showcase is written: «MAX PAYNE».
72. Shop around zero (which we pokupaem) there is a courtyard with a small fence, there lies a desert eagle.
73. At the construction site, where he bricked up the toilet, have a chainsaw.
74. At our airport in one of the aircraft will have a bullet-proof vest.
75. When you ride a bike, hold down the jump, and then quickly press shoot (if you have a weapon). Bike soars much higher!
76. In strip clubs can not only spend, but to get a little money. Enough to get up as close as possible to the stripper (but do not overdo it - if you'll hurt, you'll shoot the guard - "do not touch". The money that periodically throw girl visitors (over $100) will in this case be you, not hers.
77. In shooting galleries the Amma nation can easily get infinite ammo for vending machines. To do this, go to the shooting range and immediately leave. The number of rounds will be doubled. Repeat these steps several times, you will get an infinite supply of ammo. In addition, these tyra a Amma nation is the only place where you can aim behind. It looks sometimes quite funny.
78. A magnetic card, which should be obtained from the Milli casino croupier Caligula, is an exact copy of similar cards from Vice City. On it, by the way, there is an inscription "Chuff security" ("Rough protection").
79. Near the bridge hunt in San Fierro you can find a table with information about it (including its size on disk, and the number of polygons). Also nearby is an "Actual piece of cable.
80. In the wilderness close to the school of flights, the earth has a hole, but it lay some strange things. According to one version, it's dead bodies in bags, on the other - the UFO wreckage, on the third - just a pile of stones.
81. A police Parking in Los Santos'E. you can see the cops, beating up some people.
Was in Pine angel, up around Clucking Bell has three of a garbage can, two of them without lids, and inside you can see the cards Vice City.
83. West Los Santos huge rock, called Northstar Rock. Rearrange the syllables and get Rockstar North is the name of the developer.
84. To the right from the road that leads from Los Santos to the village in mountain Chiliad, you can see the photographer (each time a new one), which after a couple of shots fired in the ocean.
85. Rockstar loves to do a parody of the well-known names. Here are some of them: Sprunk - Sprite (this drink was still in Vice City), Max Pane - Max Payne (fully: "Max Pane. Bulletproof glass" - "Max Pane. Bulletproof glass"), True Grime - True CrimeRogue - Vogue (magazine can be found in one of the houses), Evacuator III - Terminator III.
86. In San Andreas, there is mention of the group Love Fist of Weiss city, and also in Las Venturas hotel is dedicated radio VRock from VC.
87. If you don't touch the mouse and keyboard somewhere hour two (games, of course), information (health, time, minimap, etc.) screen disappears and the camera will start to "live your life": gently wiggle, to aim at passers-by and to follow them (special attention, by the way, is paid to the girls, more precisely, some parts of their body
88. In the mission where you have to catch a guy on a motorcycle with OJ 100 Ohm, try rolling through the first quarter stop and look on the sidewalk on the left - there will be lying someone's corpse, and will sit next person each time (new); obviously, the mourning for the loss of a friend
89. A closer look to the signs, located next to any Burger Shot'ohms (in one of those obliged to work OJ Loc and after release). Above written: "Everything is 69c" ("All for 99 cents"), which in itself is surprising. Even stranger is the fact that below against each item is worth the price of 29 cents. Well and how to understand it?
90. Los Santos is the Studio of Weiss, although somewhat modified. Also near mount Chiliad is the dump from the same place.
91. Next to a lake North of Los Santos there is a pier at the end of which stands a rusty wheel chair. What associations draws imagination...
92. In the desert West of the Las Venturas is the so-called "phallic rock". To explain what it looks like, I think not.
93. In the game there are two memorial: War Memorial in San Fierro and Sherman Dam Memorial" on the dam to the West of Las Venturas.
94. In one of the buildings of Los Santos (atrium is in the centre), you can see the dilapidated monument. It is easy to guess what is depicted on it man.
95. When you fly a helicopter and he sometimes not one , in these helicopters are no drivers!!
96. If you jump off a skyscraper (where the parachute, although with others too) on the big or notice and will land on both wheels, man will not die and will not suffer even if large or motika will not fall upon landing.
97. In Las Venturas have casino Starfish (you probably remember this island from Weiss city?).
98. In the suburbs of Los Santos is the village. In the Western part of the cemetery is located. From 16.00 to 19.00 at the cemetery comes some old man and begins to beat by the shovel on the grave =).
99. Stand in front of the COP car, which sits COP-driver, and a shot from the sniper in the Bosko. To unzip it should not be. Then shoot by car from the Kalash that it caught fire and then the man without towers must go on!
100. If you repeatedly breaking through the gates to another city by train (at speed) gates will not stop the train and you will be able to go to the next city! (But stars remain
101. In some homes, it is possible several times to steal the same thing! (primarily television)
102. After the theft, if you bump into the cops of the cost of all things significantly reduced!!!
103. At the races, the more you put in, the less chance you have of winning.
104. If you put mines (code: UZUMYMW) in the amount of 5 pieces, move away and when to them will suit someone (preferably ment ) нажvите on the remote button and enjoy the spectacle of the flight on the height of a good home for quite a distance! (Tried with a SWAT on the highway, flew through it from beginning of the first road to the end of the second)
105. Try to take the tractor in tow any vehicle, climb a mountain at high speed. If the speed will be sufficient to take off, the car towed will fly doing enough beautiful Salto!
106. In cases of great good fortune, when the train off the rails, it can tear off only the car (however advise to slow down to avoid derailment of the composition)
107. In Las Venturas you can find a picture famous porn star candy Sachs from Vice City.
108. In the race you drove fast cars,and in the normal game you it can't find ?No problems during the race, you just don't go on to the check-points and head to the middle garage,Park your car and leave Napoli how will expire in 25 seconds,you will write that you are disqualified for a way out from Machinima will return to the place of choice races,take the car,drive to the garage and watch sports car disappears!!
109. Try to shoot a rifle M-4 or other weapons, and then make povtorit seen from the gun no fire!
110. Studio, from which in the mission steal the book of rhymes, suspiciously similar to the Studio in Weiss city, where he enrolled love fist.
111. On the shelves of amanali in Los Santos on a series cartridges are guesthotel that as a weapon beat applied only mancante
112. In the state of San Andreas car wash exactly the same as in Weiss city: absolutely identical stands with the image of blue cars with the inscription car wash.
113. Shop Zip sells a lot of khaki trousers. No pun intended, was not. In San Fierro, Doherty next to the construction site there is a building with a sign "Six more floors of Khakis" ("six floors hacks"), but the last two letters covered with whitewash and barely visible. Khak - Omolon cack (faeces)
114. In restaurants (all) on cash registers,on the screen you can see 2 portion Burger shot.
115. In San Fierro is building (it can be associated with the mission on dizzy, you have to take a prostitute), they manufacture Zombies.
116. Helicopter Hunter can be found in military docks.
117. On the highway in Los Santos goes Mr. Whoopie. This is an exact copy of van ice cream from Vice City also frozen on the roof. If you look at the roof of the van then frozen form fallichesky symbol - an indispensable attribute of the GTA.
118. Earn a lot of money at the races. Savisa near bookmaker (I was comfortable adjoining that took with Catalina) and put 10,000. Lost - loaded and again, you played savisa and continue. So until there will be no money to around 100K. Then you can put it several times - it is important to stay in the win. And then to put on 100K-300K on the 4th or 5th horse constantly sooner or later they win, and the payout is 1 to 9 / 1 : 11 and you have 3 lemons money
119. When switching radio in the boat or rubber boat CHARLES upiraetsya feet at the helm. 120. Package with explosives can be attached to people and cars. Kadeem per person a satchel and it remains, even if the person moves! Attach backpacks with explosives can be unlimited!
121. A worthy place in the secrets may take and the fact that radio stations sound very old songs, samples of which were inspired by such famous performers as the Prodigy - Out of space, Jennifer Lopez - Get Right, Lil Bow Wow - That's my name (Bow Wow) Burged.
122. Remember the maze of rocks on the water, with which to begin the mission on the tanker, Vusi? From 0.00 to approximately 5.00 over rocks, you receive the fire! And what could that mean ??? Maybe just a glitch =)))
123. Near the school of driving boats on the beach (the area called Terra Robada) you can find a hovercraft. In the cabin there is no one, and boat rides. Therefore, it is necessary to hurry to take it.(it's better to do with the sea on a boat and covered him the way)
124. In the fortress Smoke'and in front of his apartment lies Mat logo Rockstar North and the message " Not welcome. Smoke is not definitely loves guests.
125. In San Fierro in the underpass near the shop Sub-Urban include katana! Just go down from the platform in front of the shop downstairs in transition.
126. License flights without school! Climb over the fence, got on the plane. Fly around 25 minutes (real-time). There is an inscription "still Fly and get a license". Fly for another 10 minutes and get access to all the airports of San Andreas!!!
127. Casino cards with images of characters from Vice City.
128. The boathouse school in the Bay if you dive under the water, you can find the flooded the boat on an air cushion. Here's how CJ managed to transport. Still, as he sank.
129. If you jump into the water from any height it si Jay will not be broken!
130. Want to see how the cops beat up the person? No problem: you take the police car (so as not to attract attention) and go to the police garage, corner and see how two Copa beaten person, then there is a machine with an open bonnet, and next COP, obstructing it.
131. On the stand after missions in los santos, where we had to shoot back at the cops, I believe is called "return to your family, so in the end when they jump, and the machine makes a hole in the Billboard about sprunk, there is an inscription "The taste of come" (taste of sperm).
132. If you buy any weapons of more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition, that figure to disappear, there will be only one icon that resembles a mission rampage in Weiss.
133. Sometimes you can notice a sign distribution Parking: on the left, which you can't Park, and on the right, no Parking.
134. The seller Clukin bell, sometimes says If you back you ...(fool, as the English do not know) as a whole: if you will return here, you fool.
135. Minigun can be found in the underground garage close to the hotel V-rock in las venturas.
136. In the North-East of the Las Venturas has a military base (or rather, some of the fuel base for warriors, not so important), there You will send one mission for Vusi. It is known that the access inside give only military vehicles, and the gates of the base bulletproof. Now, if somewhere in the city "hook up" two stars and hurry back to this database, first You will arrive police cars and motorcycles, but later the cops will start to appear right next to You, including outside the fence of the base Police for netting helplessly crowd running along the gate, while You can easily destroy them with one shot from the pistol. But, apparently, over the base is closed airspace, therefore, helicopters, including the police, there do not fly! Thus, you can earn all 6 star, save the ammo, health, and of the armour. For example, I waited for the arrival of warriors on the trucks, and not having seen the Riot police, Brovtsev and helicopters
137. At the very gates of the military base, which was discussed in the previous joke, have a sign that says "No trespassing! Violators will be shot! Survivors will be shot again!"that which in English means roughly as follows: "Entrance forbidden! The violators will be open fire! The survivors will be shot again!" =))
138. When You enter three or more star wanted in the air apart from police helicopters starts circling another helicopter of any television channel, leading shooting your actions On its bottom emblazoned the words "NEWS".
139. On the third floor of the Planning Department in Las Venturas on the walls you can see a precise plan Starkweather Estate!
140. In the bars you can see the signature brown bottle labeled Rockstar - exactly to in Manhunt!
141. At the entrance to the pier (which still has a Ferris wheel) you can see the horrible little statue of Hippo. This statue in multiple instances can be seen in Mancante levels in the zoo.
142. If you repeat to look at Smoke'and,instead you will see some skinny Niger in denim vest,which is constantly eating something.
143. In the area of "Ocean apartments in San Fierro is located memorial... Rockstar Games! There you can also find flowers for girls.
144. The house Catalina are three graves,and shovel..... It was a direct, not a woman and Amazon...
145. If your banner attacked, and you don't want to fight back, just go and try saving (bypassing the red area). Usually helps...
146. Some missions (with theft magnetic helicopter, for example) it is easy to pass, having behind the rocket engine: zaletami on the pipe and from sniper snimaetsa protection, go to the roof, then the script...
147. In the last mission to destroy the big Smoke, you can quickly kill him if resonate his knife, and then poke it in lying fat man, not paying attention to his cronies. Smoke is not even be able to stand. P.S. If you prepare it with a knife or even beating the Dildo's head, in the video of his death on the body will be bullet holes. Its probably hooked... In this mission, when Tenpenny fires in the aggregate, during the explosion, he often throws his head but it's not stopping him from then going to the fire station
148. If, claiming the territory, to go down in the channel(if you just), advocates will run to the nearest bridge and begin heroically to jump with him, and be broken, especially tenacious convenient to finish with the Kalash.
149. If, flying on a rocket engine, press the spacebar, then the rate of decline will increase.
150. You may not have noticed, but got into the truck Swat you have a bulletproof vest.
151. Sometimes the game happens to be a glitch: if you aim at an active enemy of the sniper from a very large distance, he starts to jump on the spot and extremely high.
152. When you shoot a prostitute by doing all the things, to drive up the side of the machine from which it sits,to the cliff, it will tumble and possibly broken. Money can be collected.
153. In my opinion, the loader and the harvester is easier to ride back. Try.
154. You can pit the two cops. To do this, gently push the COP car (with driver) Hiking ment and down it. Then the victim will get up and throw away the first element of tackie will begin to chop. To do this trick is difficult, but possible.
155. At that moment, when you get in the car/motic/helicopter etc., you are immortal!
156. In one of the towns on the territory of the brewery can be found Kalas, and Los Santos in the Annex grounds for dancing on the machines is great].
157. Quiet gun - not such a useless thing. At corresponding skill of shooting he just hits and much as the shotgun (short course).
158. Strange, but when you fall on the wheelbarrow in the water, it floats on the surface, but when you get out from it, it begins to sink.
159. The moving points of light in the sky - no planes, and it leaves a trail maneuvering points of light the size of a ball. You can only catch on fast plane or by car (if you dial the code).
160. In San Fierro on the street where they sell clothes URBAN and make Rasta-tattoos have a store crazy manufacturer grass (found on missions), he is depicted in the storefront with the jamb.
161. Do you have a problem with attraction? And you have not enough money for luxuries? And you are a good dancer!? Go to a club and dance! If you have finished the dance with the mark "GOOD" rejoice! The attractiveness much better.=) But if things went wrong... =(
162. If to help the police to kill the offender,they will start chasing you.
163. To easily get enough weapons to kill members of his Bandini to attack them then they start shooting, and run away.
164. Opposite the house, where you want to work as a waiter, there's a clothing store ZIP. Near the entrance there is a cane. Just opposite there is a high skyscraper. If it around, you can find an open door. Going into it, you will reach a high pipe where the parachute.
165. Remember the big pirate ship near the hotel in Las Venturas (district "Pirates in the men's trousers")? Now, the same is in the real Las Vegas. This attraction that during the night shoots from cannon salute. Also there you can find the sword!
166. At the docks Los Santos is the same ship as in Vice City! Not from there whether he sailed?
167. My girlfriend (any) you can attach explosives (in any amount ), while it does not escape (like most people) but, as you understand, runs after you. You would undermine it at any moment, however, she does not die (apparently revised Terminator ))). So get shahids =).
168. On the glass of the shop which should Rob with Catalina, written Max Payne.
169. In the mission where CJ Ryder and do impact on the local dealer, and then knocked Balasov in the brothel, the screen saver changes to the background you can see how they are making a Blowjob dude.
170. Under one of houses in Los Santose there is a basement, it is possible to find the strange wall with the image of Satan at the cross. If you look at the cross in the space of about one minute, you can see a strange scene.
171. At the airport one of the landing strips have a small hatch. It can be easily broken by a shot from a gun. I advise you to look there.
172. In the ocean (between San Fierro and Los Santos) at a depth can detect underwater rock. If it is good to dive, you will see a big treasure chest!
173. In Las Venturese there is a small sized plate (it can be seen from a helicopter). If you get it in the emitter (this shit on cenro), you'll see very colorful explosion.

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