4, global portal update

Glided summer, crept autumn, and a cold wind with rain and tries to disrupt the foliage from the trees, but our portal despite the bad and not the season forth its buds", that had been brewing all summer!

We have been "watered" project all these 4 months and today will tell You about our innovations:

Accelerate GTAViceCity.ru twice!
We accelerate the work site in 2 times!
At the end of July we moved to a new powerful 8-core server with 16 GB of RAM on Board, which enabled the operation of the site and to assemble automatic installations on the fly!
But that is not enough, therefore it is today www.GTAViceCity.RU will be loaded in 2 times faster than yesterday!

Checking for duplicates (repetitions) adding fashion.
When loading a mod on the site in real-time checks for duplicates. Thus very easy to tell is there such a mod on a site or not.

New rating system mods.
We got rid of the old, dull rating system. Now on a site everyone can "плюсануть" +1 favourite material or saying "thanked" bet-1.

Also since the last update on the website got a few useful things that you have already noticed. For example, the possibility to complain to any comment or news item. If you found a bug or You don't like something, then feel free to write a complaint - we will read.

Every day, in average, we publish 20-30 new mods for GTA unattended installation, add that You, our dear friends!

The site already contains more than 7000 mods for GTA.

In our group Vkontakte already more than 8,500 people.
And we are happy to announce that the group held a competition with prizes. Details on the terms you can find in the corresponding topic in the group.

Today 07.10.2011 on the website will be registered 50000 user who will receive our Gold-account on DepositFiles 1 month!
User 50001 will receive a consolation prize - Gold-account DepositFiles 2 hours.
The number of registered users can see the statistics of the portal.

So, already become known to our lucky! 50000 user became chev94, 50001 first Dashka. Promised the keys already sent them a PM.

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2011-10-06 19:49:14

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