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the team is GVC
Good evening to you, dear visitors of our site! As you probably know, we have people who are engaged in modding for GTA series of games. I decided to add all the modders our customers in one team for modding and produce exclusive fashion for our customers. Why the command is called GVC? Explain: GtaViceCity.Ru!

What is necessary for the entry into the team?

1) People in the team are drawn from 12 years old;
2) Ability to work in programs for modding;
3) Have a competent Russian language and to be adequate.

What we need?
1) 3D modelers;
2) Texturer;
3) Photoshoppers etc;
4) Converters;
5) Scripters;
6) Mappers.

Applications write on the forum.

Application form:
1) the Name, age;
2) Adequacy ( 10 );
3) Your ability to ( scripter, mapper etc )
4) are You Ready to help the team?

Please don't write me something like this: "hi, I can rename the machine can be my crew? Pleassse....."!

Today's team:

1) KINOman ( Head )
2) GREEW ( Deputy. The head )
3) maks1997 ( scripter, Zam. the head )

Write, do not hesitate, after considering the application, I'll tell you.

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2011-11-12 11:55:17

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