Happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!

Dear visitors! I congratulate You with New Year on behalf of our customers and team! And to spice things up, we have prepared for you a gift! Not one, but several!
So, let's begin!

happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
San Fierro Upgrade (not Yet available. Will appear on the website along with the new year update.)

What makes this modification? This modification refreshes and revitalizes the city of San Fierro. Replaced all the roads, sidewalks, tramways.

happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
Also replaced with large objects, such as driving, garage CJ'â I, railway station, two motor show, the Golden Gate bridge,
Fire brigade and others.

happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
Added fire truck at FC and two cars in the showroom - Elegy & Sultan. And the main feature - added airship, as in the trailer of GTA V!

happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
However, while this is only the beginning, and with the airship has some problems. Added a club near the Golden Gate bridge, and near the garage
CJ'â I the music plays! This modification is the first team work team GVC! Of all the cards I disclose, I will not, do a search!

And here is a list of those who participated in this project:

1) shama123 - head of the project, a great texturer. If not for him, we would not have completed the project on time!
2) KINOman - head of the project, assistance in various industries.
3) sasha_nm is also a wonderful texturer.
4) CentR (maks1997 remarkable scripter, assistant textures.
5) DangeR - invaluable tester.

I hope that no one has forgotten.

Subaru Impreza WRX No Fear

happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
Envelope from game Juiced 2. High-quality textures body, headlights, salon and other small details. The model is specially prepared
for the New Year gift to visitors of our site! So, who tried on a model:

1) KINOman - conversion, modeling, texturing, and so on...
2) KolinSasa - author of the wonderful coloring of the body!

MAN TGL Rizhskaya system

happy New Year, GtaViceCity.Ru!
Riga version of fire machine MAN TGL. The truck is designed in a very high quality, texture to the mark.

1) GREEW - author of the global refinement and excellent textures for truck!

Well voobshchem and all, I hope that you will agree!

Data modification belong the site GtaViceCity.Ru and the authors of the modifications! Accommodation on other sites are allowed only after the permission of the author!

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2012-01-01 08:54:45

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