Happy new year to you all 2012!

2012 new year to you all!!!
Dear users!

Our portal www.GTAViceCity.ru sincerely congratulates you with a happy new year! We wish you happiness, health, love and success in all your endeavors!

Let's try to sum up the results of the past year.

· In 2011, we had a online store.

· Our signature installers repeatedly were in them appeared the new features: view screenshots, English language, choice of replacement models before installing and much more!

· Many of you found on our website friends. Community our customers increased with every passing day! And now our website is the rightful leader in the number of registered users and comments from all of the sites devoted to the GTA.

· We now have our own friendly team mod - GVC!

· A year ago in our group in the contact was less than 1000 participants. But now there are more than 14 000!

· File archive our customers increased by 5 times! Now he has almost 9000 modifications!

· Attendance of our site for a year has increased in 10 times!

· and much more ...

But there were not only good moments, there were some troubles. Our provider accident occurred, we dug into, but we survived the odds and boldly go forward! We are sure that the year 2012 will be even better than 2011! We intend not only to become leaders in Runet, but also to conquer the whole world! Together with you we will make our site truly the best!

We are now in a small vacation for a few days, but very soon we will launch an update of our portal! The main innovations are: the ability to create installers for global modifications (unlimited size), manual installation in each installer, as well as a convenient interface for moderators! Stay with us and see for yourself!

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2012-01-02 07:25:57

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