Global Portal update no. 5. Moderation system

the Global updating of the portal №5. Moderation system.
Dear friends, we hasten to please the new, already 5-th under the account, the global update of our portal GTAViceCity.RU.

For 3 months of active work on the project we managed to realize:
global moderation system mods;

- the ability to publish on the website of the global mods GTA;

indicator installing mods;
Setting global mods can take a long time, and for the convenience of our installer added indicator of the process of installation of the mod, which displays the percentage progress of the installation fashion. Also, the indicator now displays the progress of the installation process all mods through our proprietary installer mods GTA.

- manual installation of mods;
At your request, our dear friends, we have implemented in our company the installer version of the manual installation of mods, which represents the unloading of all the files the mod in the specified folder with a convenient and clear instructions for a manual installation. You need to run our installation and bottom of the screen to select an installation type.

the installer additionally added two languages;
In addition to Russian and English languages in the installer was added two more: German and French languages. This innovation will help our foreign friends easily navigate the process of installation of the mod through our installer in their native language.

- fixed bug with registering on the website;
Over the last few months we had reports that some visitors may register on the website. We hasten to inform you that this issue is solved.

stellar awards;

Last news:
Our file archive has more than a 9000 modifications GTA.
Our close-knit group Vkontakte has more than a 15000 people.
On the site more than 85000 people.
According to our data from January 12, 2012 is the leader among the sites of Runet GTA on the number of page views per day, and the number of visitors we are in 3rd place.

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2012-01-18 23:47:22

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