14 years of Russian localization of GTA 2

GTA 2 Buka
fourteenth anniversary of release of Russian localization of GTA 2

In the end of September of 1999 the second part of the GTA came out. And a little more than a month since then sales of Russian localization of the game by the company "Buka" - "GTA 2 Lawlessness" started.

Who said that the choice is hard thing? The company "BUKA" didnt suffered for long time with question "to be or not to be?" and decided TO BE...! To be - outrage, uncensured stuff and filth. Of the two proposed options for game GTA 2 - politically correct and politically UNcorrect - choice fell on the second. Russia - is not France (which chose not to be!) and now you are awaited by chilling and courage cruelty job and soundtracks using of obscene lexicon (do not close the ears as they are in English)!
Maybe some of reading this news remember how they spent countless hours playing the Russian version of GTA 2, although many of those who are younger, probably, didnt even play this game. In any case our site congratulates all fans of the series Gtand Theft Auto with a local, but nevertheless anniversary in the history of the unforgettable GTA 2!

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2013-11-04 02:40:54

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