Site updates during November 2013

In this news we will try to list all our website updates and fixes that have been made in November.

  • Translated text on the user activation page
  • Fixed problem with adding comments including emoticons or
  • Added a pop-up text to the buttons Like (Like) and Bookmark (Add to favorites) on mod and news pages
  • Fixed bug with report button, if the user is already blocked
  • Added the ability to download mods from,,
  • On pages listing mods added icon that shows the availability of mod videos
  • On the website fixed tab "Filters" viewing the site on a small dimensions
  • On the website on the pages listing mods added some basic parameters (author and replace model).
  • Fixed bug with pagination on the category page with filters
  • On the left added quick scroll to top of the page
  • Fixed pop up when you select a smiley in the editor BB codes
  • Added to the right block with links to our pages in social networks (VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and our RSS feed)
  • On the website the names of the mods is displayed in the appropriate language
  • Added a notice of blocked users and users whose access is temporarily restricted
  • Fixed pop up images when you click on the image on static pages
  • Fixed and optimized block of the mod charts
  • Fixed error displaying the comments on the pages of the mods and news
  • Changed the number of mods on the category pages - 18
  • Changed the height of the comment textarea to 130 pixels
  • Deleted users' bookmarks of non-existing mods
  • In the form of mods added archive \pc\models\cdimages\weapons.img to select
  • Added the minimum height of the page for a beautiful display of a site
  • Added the correct indentation of the images in news and static pages
  • On the website on mod's page fixed display of download and views counters
  • On the personal messages page fixed link to profile
  • Fixed selection of the "cut" of avatars
  • Changed the height of textarea to enter a personal message
  • Fixed feedback page
  • In the block of mod charts added links "full list" to view the full sort
  • On the user's profile page added a link to send him a personal message with the substitution of his name in the recipient field
  • Fixed auto-complete when adding mod
  • Added possibility to upload an animated GIF images for avatars
  • On the pages listing mods added pop up texts to counters
  • On account edit pages added a link to the user profile
  • On your profile page added a link to edit it
  • Everywhere added the ability to sort mods by date of publication, number of views, downloads or rating

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2013-11-30 08:51:23

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