Release of GTA CW for NDS in Australia: 5 years

Release GTA CW for NDS in Australia: a 5-year jubilee
In 2009, developers RockStar Leeds, North of the newly pleased their fans. It was planned gradual release of GTA Chinatown Wars (CW), gaming platforms, Nintendo, PSP, iPhone, iPod.
In March 2009 saw the release of GTA CW in Australia. The opportunity to enjoy intriguing scenarios and unexpected turns of events first received the owners of consoles on the Nintendo DS platform.

In anticipation of the release

Information about the upcoming release of GTA CW for Nintendo DS (NDS) in Australia appeared before the official release. To separate the truth from fiction was only after the official statements by the representatives RockStar at the annual exhibition of computer games of E3.
27 February and 14 March 2009 passed the update of the official site of RockStar. Fans of the genre for the first time gained access to the unique trailer, screenshots, descriptions of characters and a common scenario.

1 day before release

According to unconfirmed information, per 1 day before the release of GTA CW appeared the image of the game on the pages of file-sharing services. Information about this can be found only in the index of search engines. Themselves sources of blocked or more not contain such information on their pages. What purpose it was made remains unclear.
19 March 2009 released an official release GTA CW for NDS in Australia, forcing him to forget the true fans of the genre is doubtful about the game, published on third-party resources.

world's Chinatown Wars

For the Foundation of the world was taken from liberty city, which distinguishes three main district Broker, Bohan and Algonquin. In fact, all areas represent a somewhat modified the area of Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan. Individual elements of the cards were slightly modified and derived from the original game GTA 4.
Basic operations are conducted in Chinatowns. This is the basic meaning of the name «Chinatown Wars», which literally means «the War in Chinatown.» All entrants will dive into the magnificent world of robbing in the legendary game GTA, which combines advantages of traditional quests and actions.

the world's Chinatown Wars the world's Chinatown Wars the world's Chinatown Wars

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