Renewal of prizes from 26.05.2014

Bridge ConstructorConstruction Machines 2014Demolition Master 3DEurofighter TyphoonMining & Tunneling SimulatorRecovery Search & Rescue SimulationXpand Rally
As you already know, we have held weekly contest, the winner of which can be any user, qualitatively added more mods to the site for the week.

We try to please our users, so expanding the list of available to the choice of the winner. Today it is a seven games simulators, which can be activated via Steam.

Bridge Constructor
Magnificent arcade simulator bridge Builder. This game will make You think over how to build a reliable bridge over the river or of the canyon with a very limited budget that would withstand all types of transport.

Construction Machines 2014
In this simulation, You'll go through all the stages of construction with construction equipment. From the demolition of old buildings and levelling of the site to a Foundation-laying and construction of floors.

Demolition Master 3D
Always wanted to see how demolished structure by means of explosions? Now have such possibility! Go 110 levels, damaging, destroying and again destroying!

Eurofighter Typhoon
The plot of this simulator takes place in Iceland in 2015. When Russian troops invade its territory after the seizure of Eastern Europe and when NATO troops throw Iceland to the mercy of fate. In the game there are a lot of missions and small jobs.

Mining & Tunneling Simulator
Another German simulator, which tells about the hard work of builders of tunnels and mines. Preparation of construction site, equipping it, undermining the hard rocks drilling. This is just a small list of issues which You will face.

Recovery Search & Rescue Simulation
The opportunity to be in the role of rescuer and search engine gives this simulator. Use your experience to find the necessary items or lost in your national Park of people. But be careful! Do not become those who should be saved.

Xpand Rally
Realistic rally simulator. There are two modes: arcade and simulation. Here everything is tailored to the physics of rally racing from the environment and road to auto suspension and injury. For a successful race to customize the suspension, to find out and learn the track - no chance to win the race to zero. The game is attached map editor.

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2014-05-26 07:04:49

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