Releases on PSP: GTA VCS in America

Releases on PSP: GTA VCS in America
on 31 October will be exactly 8 years since the official release of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories on the PSP in North America. The developer had 2 weeks to postpone the release date in connection with the completion of the game in accordance with the requirements of the age rating of class "M". This need is associated with a large number of scenes of violence, not normative lexicon of characters, scenes of a sexual nature and drug use.

For a game still under development, was published website where fans could find a set of artifacts, basic information about the story and game features. The first screenshots of the gameplay appeared in print on August 18, and less than a month the magazine "PlayStation Magazine" presented the first review, awarding GTA VC title "game of the month" and evaluation of 9.5 points out of ten.

Multiple copies of the game was in the hands of the fans before the official release, so in the network appeared the first mention of the story of the features and capabilities of the main character. In particular, information came to light about the availability of additional transport rental.

Vice City Stories

The game received a business component. The hero gets the income from various points, which are under his control. To strengthen its influence in a particular business, the player needs to periodically perform a secondary mission, who appoint the members of the gang. All in the game 5 gangs. Each with their bosses and area of influence.

Eight stations with dozens of songs in different directions and one radio in the format of the talk show will not get bored throughout the game. The PSP console is the ability to listen to your own music on the radio using Rockstar Custom Tracks.

Multiplayer includes 10 game variations in local network without going online. Participation can take from 2 to 6 players. Six game modes obtained from the previous part and another 4 were developed specifically for the VCS.

the Gameplay and graphics

Graphics are much improved: added new interiors, graphics engine optimized to reduce the duration of the download locations and distance draw.

Releases on PSP: GTA VCS in America Releases on PSP: GTA VCS in America Releases on PSP: GTA VCS in America
Improved system autocommit goals for easier switching when the shootings. In hand to hand combat, new techniques and grips. Passers-by often comment on what is happening and the hero.

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