The release of GTA Advance for Game Boy Advance

Release GTA Advance for Game Boy Advance
Video game GTA Advance was presented on a portable game console Game Boy Advance on October 26, 2004. Initially, the developers wanted to do a simple port of GTA 3, but abandoned this idea because of the futility of ideas.

To build the virtual environment were used achievements of the second and third GTA. From the second part was borrowed game engine, from a third - weapons, radar and cartography. For display of game events is still used top view.

The events take place in liberty city, with former appearance, but with changed locations free of weapons, bonus packages and additional missions.

Release GTA Advance for Game Boy Advance Release GTA Advance for Game Boy Advance Release GTA Advance for Game Boy Advance

the port for Game Boy

Developers Digital Eclipse changed the geography of the city. Metro, tunnels and other objects are missing. Implement them in the Game Boy is very problematic, mostly due to the technical features of the handheld console.

In GTA Advance no characters some characters, some buildings and locations in the city are located in other places. To use air and water transport impossible. Unlike other ports, in the version for Game Boy city map has a shape approximating the shape of a square.

The main character can't swim, change the appearance, but has the ability to jump and climb over any obstacles. Instead of radio stations now 1 repetitive melody.

LCD display Game Boy was it possible to display high-definition graphics and smooth discrete graphics bugs. At the time of release, GTA Advance, it became one of the main competitive advantages of console gaming.

Briefly about the plot

Initially the main character Mike is just petty criminal who wants to leave liberty city. However, the murder of a mentor makes him go in search of the guilty parties. In his quest he has to be smart and to use violence, not falling on the eyes of the defenders of law and order.

On the way to his goals he will cooperate with representatives of the Colombian mafia, the Yakuza. Efforts finally bear fruit: the righteousness that comes the recognition that there is money and power.

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