European releases: GTA CW for PSP

European releases: GTA CW for PSP
Initially, information about the planned release of GTA Chinatown Wars for the PSP in Europe appeared in the official microblog of the company Rockstar Games on Twitter. At the same time, on the Internet appeared the first screenshots of the game, thanks to which users were able to personally ensure that the graphics was much better.

The development of the game involved the employees of the company Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds. Recall that in the past the main developer wore a different name - DMA Design.

After a long wait, October 23, 2009 GTA Chinatown Wars for the PSP has been on sale in Europe. The first days of sales brought the company Rockstar multi-million dollar profit.

the Features of the gameplay in GTA CW

The plot of the game is set in liberty city, but unlike GTA 4, showing the projection of the top. In order to achieve the required level of performance on consoles PSP, the developers seriously reduced the territory of the city and got rid of Alderney.

Another feature of the game is the huge number of built-in mini-games which help to diversify the gameplay. Because of the presence in GTA CW impressive number of scenes of violence, leading rating company has assigned her age restriction "18+". But, as practice has shown, the user has not adhered to these recommendations.

Graphical nuances

Compared to the version of the game for the DS that was not particularly popular among users, GTA Chinatown Wars for PSP can "boast" of rendered graphics and animation, which significantly enliven gameplay.

European releases: GTA CW for PSP
European releases: GTA CW for PSP
The developers have also conducted work on the optimization of the source code of the game, which allowed to reduce the download time. Implemented improvements in GTA CW had a positive impact on its popularity among the European gaming community. Played a role already established reputation of the game series GTA.

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