The results of the competition 15.10 - 22.10

the Winner of the competition results on 22.10.2014

Once again today we recap the weekly contest "Prizes top rated users".

the winner of the competition for the period from 15 to 22 October 2014 has finally become someone new, though to be more precise it is a long term resident of our site - avto-vaz, who took first place in our Top getting 40 likes and 84.5 points for efficiently and accurately added to the site fashion (data shown at the time of summing up the results of the contest)!

As a reward avto-vaz as a prize can choose any 1 of the license the game from 30 presented on the page with the contest rules.

Popular mods from the winner

Gazel Next for GTA San Andreas
- Gazelle Next for GTA San Andreas
- VAZ 2113 for GTA San Andreas
- Mercedes-Benz 500 Magnit for GTA San Andreas
- VAZ 2106 for GTA San Andreas
- WHA 2172 for GTA San Andreas
- VAZ 2105 for GTA San Andreas
- VAZ 2114 for GTA San Andreas

Want to win a prize next week? Any user of the website GTAViceCity.RU may participate in this contest. To win you just need to add quality fashion on the website. We wish good luck to all participants following the bankruptcy of the week!

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2014-10-22 20:12:34

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