GTA VCS PSP in Australia: a success story

GTA VCS PSP in Australia: the story of success
GTA Vice City Stories is 3D-game series Grand Theft Auto. An earlier version (the first and second GTA) presented exclusively in two-dimensional formats, and later, in addition to three-dimensional format, support HD mode.

One of the first releases GTA VCS took place in Australia. Enjoy the updated virtual world could the owners of the portable PlayStation Portable. Despite the fact that the event happened 8 years ago, the relevance of the game still exists today. In many ways this is facilitated by regular updates of the gameplay and modifications which produce third-party developers.

The main highlight of the VCS is not for merged genres arcade car simulator, the "free world" and not even three-dimensional visualization. The emphasis has traditionally been placed on the construction of a "flexible" storyline. Players are free to move clear regulations script or to deviate from it, creating alternative scenarios.

GTA VCS PSP in Australia: a success story GTA VCS PSP in Australia: a success story GTA VCS PSP in Australia: the story of success

the Success of GTA Vice City Stories in Australia

Interesting fact preserved the popularity of VCS in Australia, as evidenced by the activity of the players on the subject sites. The popularity of the game, of course, is an order of magnitude lower compared with 2006, but still characterized by stability. Currently true professionals and connoisseurs of the genre study and compare the features of all versions of the games, including GTA VCS for PSP. Their task greatly facilitates the availability of all kinds of simulation games consoles, which were not available to Australians only 8 years ago.

And it all started long before the official start of sales of GTA Vice City Stories. The success of previous editions, extraordinary approach of the developers, "word of mouth" and the media has done its job. The official event players were prepared and aware in advance. And distorted rumors only stirred up the interest of the masses.

As planned port GTA VCS for PSP appeared in Australia on 10 November 2006. Sales on the Internet were not popular in those days, and Australians crowds went in traditional shops for the continuation of a favorite game. The news outlet noted that in the early days were observed shortage of games on physical media, despite the high level of demand. Implement the company quickly responded and corrected the situation.

Currently, regularly published news reviews authoritative publications. It is not unusual for comparing different generation from the video game series Grand Theft Auto. Looking at them the conclusion is that GTA VCS is one of the few games that have passed "through the years" and still relevant, despite the distraction of players for the upcoming release of GTA 5 for the latest generations of video game consoles.

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