GTA LCS in Australia: release on PSP

GTA LCS in Australia: release on PSP
Australian release GTA Liberty City Stories for the PlayStation Portable is one of the most successful video game series Grand Theft Auto. According to statistics for the summer of 2006, LCS was the best selling game for the portable console from Sony. At a high level of demand was influenced by the relatively low cost of the port from 19,99 up 49,99 $ for instance. Australian players can purchase the game at the lowest price.

The chronological sequence of events in LCS moved in 3 years ago, compared with the third part of GTA. The main character Tony Sperian gets in the fictional town of Liberty City in the state in 1998. All events have preserved the characteristic features of a series of games with free games world in which combined elements of car simulator and 3D-shooter. In addition, the developers RockStar have made a few additions.

Innovations in GTA LCS for PSP

The developers have worked on the expansion of the fleet. Were added motorcycles previously forbidden in the third GTA, new cars (V8 Ghost, Phobos VT, Deimos SP and others). Modification of individual vehicles can be seen in modern versions of the game.

Also work has been done on expanding the basic set of additional missions. They added 8 new missions, where the player will have to perform both peaceful and criminal tasks. In some missions, Tony serves as the "angel warrior", in other suit riots and dispose of corpses in the back of the truck.

Graphical improvements mainly relate to ports for gaming consoles such as PS or Xbox. However, software upgrades engine RenderWare partially implement specific plans to port the game to the PSP. In particular, increased the draw distance of the game environment and improved drill reflections of objects on the mirror surfaces.

GTA LCS in Australia: release on PSP

the Release of GTA LCS for PSP in Australia

The official release date for the game in Australia is December 2, 2005. However, user comments and some articles on the Internet suggest that the event took place almost a month earlier, on 4 November. Anyway, LCS went on sale, and talented players has already developed hundreds of modifications along with the classic update from Rockstar.

The only obstacle to the acquisition of the game was an age limit of rating systems PEGI, BBFC, ESRB. According to research by their staff, in LCS, as in the other games in the series, found the abundance of cruelty. In this regard, the game could be purchased only citizens who have reached the age of majority. The actual statistics on compliance with the age limits are unknown, but everyone have a great view.

GTA LCS in Australia: release on PSP

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