GTA VCS in Japan: the release of the PSP port

GTA VCS in Japan: the release of PSP-port
GTA Vice City Stories was the game, the final three-dimensional series Grand Theft Auto, which began to open up to the possibilities of HD technology. The main developers of the game, combining elements of three-dimensional shooter, the "free world" and the car simulator steel company Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds. Once again they managed to release a follow-up "game-millionaire", which brought together not only fabulous profits, but also rightly earned huge popularity.

release date GTA VCS for PSP in Japan

Official event occurred 8 years ago on 6 December. In the vast global network, there are references and earlier release dates that have only partial validity. The fact that the port Vice City Stories for the PSP in Japan planned to release with a small gap between Europe and America. This did not happen due to strict legislative acts in force in the country, and the prevailing mentality of the citizens. Anyway, the game is not only went on sale towards the end of 2006, but has recognized the gaming public for a realistic embodiment of an alternate reality.

GTA VCS in Japan: the release of PSP-port
Notable is the fact that the game console was developed by the Department of Sony Corporation and first released it in Japan. However, access to adapted for PSP game GTA Japanese players got last. With the release of subsequent versions of the GTA series, the gap between the dates of releases has decreased significantly. In many ways, this contributed to the emergence of the ability to load games through the network server.

the features of the PSP version of VCS

Unlike the port of the game for second and third generation PS, PSP version there was support for multiplayer. Its active use by players testified to the high demand for this functionality, which over time has been continuously improved.

Not to say that the computational capabilities of PSP consoles are, at least, on an equal level with more modern consoles such as PS2 or PS3. In this regard, the implementation of the graphical effects in VCS for the PSP was not substantially limited. Despite this, modern fans of the genre still test and modify the various ports of the game, however, with the use of simulators game consoles that are running on the PC.

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