Output GTA VCS PS2 in Japan

7 years since the release of GTA VCS for PS2 in Japan
Release GTA VCS to the PlayStation 2 in Japan took place in the last turn. The reason is that the hard law in the country. Adaptation of the game, gathering the necessary documentation and the beginning of the implementation of the company Rockstar and connected to the process publishers have gone more than six months.

Only 7 years ago players from Japan finally got the opportunity to buy GTA Vice City Stories for the PlayStation 2. The game blended elements of arcade car simulator 3D-shooter and open world. However, to know their benefits could only adult citizens in relation to age restrictions that are imposed employees of rating systems.

Release GTA VCS in Japan

The vast majority of information sources indicate that the developers of GTA Vice City Stories are the company of Rockstar Leeds (UK) and Rockstar North (Scotland), and publisher - Rockstar Games, and Eastern. In addition, there is information about the company's participation Capcom publishing the game in Japan.

Joint stock company Capcom is a leading developer and publisher of games in Japan. According to unconfirmed information, only the assistance of the employees of this company allowed us to begin the implementation of the game in the country in the coming months after releases on other continents.

Official port of GTA VCS appeared in Japan on 6 December 2007. Unlike port for the PSP and modern analogues games in the PS2 version did not support multi-player mode. This shortcoming severely disappointed fans of the genre, judging by the extant comments on forums. In the future it was fixed in the following versions of GTA, and in 2007 he was quickly eclipsed by the incredibly fun gameplay.

7 years since the release of GTA VCS for PS2 in Japan


The action takes place in the fictional town of Vice City on the condition of 1984. It is noteworthy that the cartography of the area and the lifestyle of people is largely borrowed from real life.

The main character Victor quickly involved in a criminal milieu, without noticing, becoming a puppet of the criminal authorities. In the process of development of the storyline, he will Rob, kill, and perform other missions in order to make people" and to win the inviolable authority in a dangerous city.

The player is available in a basic set of 9 types of weapons from hand tools (axe, club, etc) to automatic weapons. It will be useful to perform a variety of missions and a "conversation" with intractable participate in one of the 5 criminal groups. In the course of development of events Victor appears own business, which is divided into 6 varieties from racketeering to smuggling. The larger the business, and more respect from criminal circles, the greater becomes the life of the character.

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