Pack GTA CW: iOS, Android, Amazon

Update GTA CW: iOS, Android, Amazon
has Released a new update GTA Chinatown Wars for mobile platforms iOS. Good news awaits and owners of devices that work by other mobile operating systems. In particular, players for the first time got the opportunity to run the game on consoles running Android and Amazon Kindle Fire.

The developers have done a great job over the current update. Special attention was paid to the graphics capabilities and management. Appeared advanced configuration functions touch control, added support for a physical controller. Players now have the opportunity to enjoy the graphics with high-resolution widescreen display. Update the graphics capability is not supported by all devices. A complete list of supported models is available on the official resources Rockstar.

Update GTA CW: iOS, Android, Amazon
Players can enjoy the latest updates regardless of previously purchased version of GTA CW for iOS. Updates have affected all versions of the game.

Port Chinatown Wars is universal and works fine on supported phones, tablets, and other devices such as Google Nexus, Amazon Fire TV.

Get acquainted with the new features in GTA CW, share your experiences, discuss your problems in the comments below.

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