Thanks for everything GTAViceCity.RU!

Let's all say THANK YOU to this wonderful site!
What was our old "GTA" without a site on which we are now?
Totally boring and monotonous, but it will not be thanks to!
The first time I got on this site by accident and immediately saw what does not exist on any other site: avtoustanovlâemye fashion, careful and ready to answer any question Admins, beautiful design and excellent forum! Well pretty entry, I would like to heartily thank: sasha_nm, TerrorisT, VINNY, KolinSasa, KINOman, KLEP, R2D2.
You really really helped me and thousands of other users that you thank you so much, especially for fashion automatic installators (this is a great invention) that you will not find on any other site.

Your account already 3 Global Update, how did you manage to make such innovations? It's a mystery to me

It would seem, fashion with automatic installation, what else do you need for happiness? But the Administration has not stopped, and the traffic has continued to surprise us!
Now you have achieved much: respect for users and a high ranking among other sites, I know that now you have a lot to do, what you want to do and so peerless site even better, so good luck!

Among the thousands of mods their screenshots, you know what I like more ostl′nyh screenshot? Here is this:

Thanks for everything GTAViceCity.RU!
I saw this friendly team who loves his job and is ready for everything, for the well-being of the site
We all believe in you and appreciate what you do for us!
Let's all say thank you for the invaluable happiness given to us by these remarkable men

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2011-05-20 08:45:53

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