Release GTA 1 in America: the facts and dates

Release GTA 1 in America: the facts and dates
release of the first GTA in North America has become a significant event in the gaming industry of the late 20th century. First of all, the game appeared to gaming platforms based on MS-DOS and Windows (PC). Interesting is the fact that modern editions of the series Grand Theft Auto appear in reverse chronological order, i.e. first come out ports of games for portable consoles, at least for the PC.

In the gaming community common belief that the first GTA is a reliable Foundation for further development of the game series Grand Theft Auto. Modern players can from personal experience to say that elements of the game just evolved over time. In this process become involved, not only the developers, but players with the right skills in programming and computer design. This trend originates from the date of occurrence of the first GTA and continues to this day.

release date GTA 1 for PC in North America

Employees of DMA Design, Tarantula Studios managed to achieve the desired goal. They released the game with a deviation from the traditional linear development, which was typical for the gaming software of the late 20th century.

The official release date of GTA 1 for PC in North America is 28 February 1998. A few days after the start of sales have seen a sharp increase in demand for the game. The reason is quite clear - the players who bought the discs with GTA, managed to realize its benefits and to share their discoveries with others. Thus was started a chain reaction of formation of the popularity of the game, the results of which can be observed today.

Some gamblers believe that GTA 1 for PC have two "birthday". There is a huge truth. The fact that sales of physical discs with the game began in February 1998, however, on 4 January 2008, the first GTA was available for download on Steam, and marked her second birthday.

Release GTA 1 in America: the facts and dates Release GTA 1 in America: the facts and dates Release GTA 1 in America: the facts and dates

Interesting facts

In the first GTA you can listen to the radio called Radio Head. It continued to work in the next few parts of the game series GTA. Separate musical compositions were used to announce events in the second GTA.

Information, dated 1995, suggests that originally the game was planned to call Race''n Chase, however, this plan went awry.

In addition to the release of GTA 1 for PC and PS developers plan to create ports of games for Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn. In fact they never appeared on store shelves.

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