The release of GTA 1 STEAM

Spirit of the time: the release of GTA 1 STEAM
the Generation of multiplatform video game Grand Theft Auto began in the late 20th century and received new life with the development of STEAM. The first ports of GTA 1 was released back in 97-98. The appearance of the game on the digital distribution service game (STEAM) in 2008 meant only one thing - the first GTA, as well as the entire series of games that are relevant today.

The interest of users to the first GTA is quite understandable, because the first part of the game is a kind of "ancestor legends". Over the years, the target direction of a series of games and has not changed. Developers today pay special attention to the realism of the gameplay.

Briefly about the first GTA

On the development of the game world worked for 3 large organization - Visual Sciences, DMA Design, Tarantula Studios. They managed to start a series of games, which destroyed the concept of linear script and did an incredibly fine line between fiction and reality.

Slightly deviating from the topic it can be noted that many modern mobile phones are more expensive than 2 thousand rubles superior technical features maximum system requirements for GTA 1. Accordingly, on high-quality colorful graphics and effects can not speak.

Users see the game world from above. Cartography in GTA 1 partially borrowed from new York, Miami and Los Angeles. On their territory placed phone booths. By using them the main character gets a job. For their implementation will earn a specific amount of money (points). Gaining a certain amount, you can go to the next level.

Spirit of the time: the release of GTA 1 STEAM
Provided by only a few weapons and self-defense. Including pistol, flamethrower, body armor, machine gun, grenade launcher. The player may receive additional bonuses. Including extra lives, points multipliers and other incentives.

the Release of the first GTA on STEAM

The tradition of regular occurrence "Christmas surprises" from the developers of the game continues throughout the life of the series Grand Theft Auto. In the midst of the Christmas holidays January 4, 2008 the first GTA was available on STEAM. For some players this event passed unnoticed, while others waited for him long enough.

The main interest in GTA 1 on STEAM are true connoisseurs of the genre, as well as users who are simply curious to read the "founder" series of games. Via STEAM download, update the game and get acquainted with the latest news, not looking up from the computer. The game is fully available in the global network of regional releases cannot speak.

The phrase "the abundance of violence in the game process" with respect to the first GTA for modern players seem somewhat exaggerated, because they really have something to compare. However, the initial limitations of rating systems ELSPA, BBFC saved. Depending on the country of residence access to the game can get individuals from age groups from 15+ to 18+".

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