GTA 1 GBC in North America: features release

GTA 1 GBC in North America: features of release
GTA 1 was the first game in the series Grand Theft Auto, faced harsh criticism in North America because of the abundance of violence. Anyway, the game went on sale and has gained unprecedented popularity in the first week of sales. The secret of success was simple - game events as close as possible to reality, and the players are free to deviate from a hard scenario.

the Preparation of the port GTA 1 Game Boy Color

Developers first and subsequent parts of the GTA constantly monitor the emergence of new gaming consoles and the possibility of release ports of games specifically for them. The speed of developers and publishers simply amazing. A striking example is the period of time between the release of the console Game Boy Color and the first GTA in North America. Between these two events happened less than a year.

Remarkable is the fact that the technical capabilities of different game consoles differ significantly. This forced developers to make adjustments in various ports of the game. In particular, the first part of the GTA had to slightly trim to release the port for Game Boy Color.

GTA 1 GBC in North America: features of release

the Release of the first GTA for GBC in North America

Official release date port of the first GTA Game Boy Color - 22 November 1999. According to statistics, sales were at a high level, despite the existence of the earlier ports, which began to release since 1997.

The only obstacle to the purchase of the game was an age limit "18+", imposed by the BBFC rating system, ELSPA. They were very difficult to get around at the time of release, as anonymous purchases over the Internet in 1997 were simply impossible. However, this did not stop the developers to make huge profits, because the number of "adult" audience interested in the unusual game, has grown steadily.

The first GTA made history and became the Foundation for the successful development of a series of Grand Theft Auto with its inherent principles of "freedom of choice" and is characterized by the adoption of the behavior of individual members of society in the vastness of the real terrain with small adjustments.

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