GTA 1 PC in Europe: development and release

GTA 1 PC in Europe: development and release
the History of the game series Grand Theft Auto started in 1997. At this time in Europe was released the first GTA for PC. Its key feature was the principle of the "free world", which was radically different from the concepts of the games of the time, where players had exactly follow the ideas of the writers. Now users are free to deviate from it.

the development of the first GTA for PC

Official sources as the main developers of GTA 1 for PC mentioned two companies - Tarantula Studios, DMA Design. Is it worth to pay tribute to the work of writers, because the construction of the "adaptive" storyline led to a rapid growth in popularity of the game.

Designers and programmers also work hard. To display the play environment were used software 3dfx accelerators, which allowed the maximum use of the computational capabilities of the average computer. Graphics of course was far from modern, though, was "on the level" at the time of release.

GTA 1 PC in Europe: development and release

the Start of sales of GTA for PC in Europe

Data about the awareness of European users about new games are highly fragmented. According to unconfirmed information, the gaming community in the 90s did not expect such an innovative breakthrough in the field of building the storyline of the games.

The official release of the first GTA in Europe was held on 8 November 1997. In the first days of sales demand for a new game was not characterized by any supernatural figures. However, the situation changed radically when the players realized what was actually confronted. "Word of mouth" has done its job and the first GTA was considered one of the most popular games.

Access to the game was limited age rating 18+". The laws in force in the 90-ies, observed quite clearly. This is well remembered by many people in Europe and teenagers who are fond of history. Anyway, the place of honor in the history of computer games the first GTA for PC took forever.

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