Releases 1998 for PS: the first GTA

Releases 1998 for PS: the first GTA
In North America, the first version of Grand Theft Auto games for the PlayStation appeared in 1998. The initial success of the game was the basis for the creation of a series of games GTA smoothly flowing from two-dimensional to three-dimensional versions.

Today, the original image for 2D-shooter are rarely used. Statistics show that users prefer to run the first GTA simulator game platform PlayStation. Only a few people remained workers images of the original game that has a story that began with the development GTA 1.

the Developers and publishers of the first GTA for PS

To the development of the PS-version of the game for the inhabitants of North America have made efforts specialists of companies DMA Design and Visual Science. Participation in development for other gaming platforms also took the company Tarantula Studios.

Today's active development of a series of games is engaged only renamed the company DMA Design. Now it is more commonly known as Rockstar North.

At the end of the developments of the game publisher in North America and other countries started from Take-Two Interactive, BMG Interactive and ASC Games. Ideas of authors and publishers began to be realized - the game almost lightning speed began to win recognition from the public.

the Official release of GTA 1 in North America

In 1998, the Internet community were developed very poorly. However, the rumors about the upcoming release of Playstation games were actively distributed among the residents of North America. This information is severely distorted, which has led to the confusion of many players. However, since the PS version of the game, all doubts have been dispelled.

The official release of the first GTA PS in North America was held on 30 June 1998. Its success was innovative for the past concept of the script. Shortly before the release of the first version of GTA, users could hardly imagine how in the virtual world can be implemented the concept of "free choice". It allows the player to independently take a decision on further variants of development of events, which may be carried on in the script, or at the user's discretion.

Integral elements of the script first and subsequent versions of GTA is a criminal environment and cruelty. These nuances served as the basis for establishing the age limit from 15+" to "18" in different systems (BBFC, ELSPA, ESRB, OFLC, USK). All players are more or less detailed idea of how much was in compliance with these restrictions...

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