Time machine: release of GTA London 1969 for PS

the time Machine: the release of GTA London 1969 Playstation
Some events just embellish a routine, while others change the story. A series of games GTA company Rockstar has brought a new milestone in the development of computer games. Soon will be the 15th anniversary of the departure of one of the most popular add-ons (additions) in the first game.

Official addon

Failing to properly go on sale, GTA has captured the minds of all the gamers of the planet. For 1998 the action game was a breakthrough. Without thinking twice, the company began selling addition to playing GTA London 1969, expanding and so rich assortment of vehicles, missions and locations. The number of Amateur fan sites with the new "idol" beginning to grow rapidly.


The first official expansion to run only with the original game. He had an age limit of the "18+", which restricted wanting it to pass. Output additions in some countries because of the age limit was nearly broken. In Japan for a long time refused to release it on sale, but the growing demand for the game tipped the scales in favor of the GTA.
The unique atmosphere of London in the late 70's allowed to distract from the main plot, which was developed in the cities of America. New characters, new town, and even left-hand traffic developers took into account all adding to it 21 soundtrack in the spirit of the time.

the Official release of GTA London 1969

Official release on the Playstation was held on 29 April 1999, causing mild hysteria among the fans of the acclaimed new and caught myself devoted fans who over the last fifteen years continues to play GTA, follow the news and don't miss any additions to the game.

Realism of gameplay

The infrastructure of London was completely transferred into the game with amazing thoroughness, and the player could deviate from the main plot and choose your option character development in a big city. This original approach to the gameplay from developers turned GTA first "sandbox" in the genre of action, promoting the principles of freedom of the game world.
Despite the years, GTA London 1969 has become a classic in which to enjoy playing even today.

the time Machine: the release of GTA London 1969 Playstation the time Machine: the release of GTA London 1969 Playstation

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