13 years since the release of GTA London 1969 PC

13 years since the release of GTA London 1969 on PC
GTA London 1969 for PC - the first official update one of the most anticipated games of the 20th century Grand Theft Auto. The update was released on 31 March 1999 and was the beginning of the development of 3 generations of the game (2D, 3D, HD).

For 1999, went down in history with the additions GTA London 1969, 2D graphics are really shocking players to their capabilities. Huge game world, to free choice of action, a huge number of missions has been available to every user.

Graphic pack

Addition GTA London 1969 expanded capabilities and diversified the perception of the game world. It was added the city of London, which is exactly the same General scheme area and the geographical location of residential objects.

On the streets of the city appeared more cars and pedestrians, adding to the realism of the virtual world of crime and great opportunities. In comparison with the first version of GTA slightly improved graphics effects.

Functional and informational Supplement

Options control the character and vehicles remained the same. In the radio broadcast was added new music, including 21 track. Into their number entered «Tiffany Sequence M 8», «Hot Camera Shake», «Liquidator» and others.

In connection with the addition of London on the map developers have had the opportunity to pay attention to the culture of the 60-ies of the last century.  Other cultural additions to fans of the genre remember the extraordinary appearance of the character in «retro» style, as well as his famous phrase. These include «You're brown bread!» «Oi, stop right there» and some others.

Developers GTA London for PC

To the development of famous all over the world games have made the effort of many famous companies. The first addition London 1969 joint efforts was developed by the experts DMA Design, Tarantula Studios, Rockstar, Runecraft. Worth noting is the fact that the development of modern modifications to the game today are conducted mainly by employees Rockstar.

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