15 years from of release of GTA 1 PC in Japan

15 years since the release of GTA 1 PC in Japan
Grand Theft Auto completely changed the game world, where previously there was no such large-scale graphs and originality of the script. Players are free to do as I wish: to complete mission or follow its own agenda in a huge city. Until GTA in the gaming industry have not yet been documented cases where the player can deviate from the script, following the principles of democracy.
The first GTA PC cause mass panic. News about the unusual approach of developers spread over the world. This gave impetus to the spread of the game in all countries. In 1999 the long-awaited release of GTA 1 took place in Japan. Until then, the game was only available in the US and Europe. Delay Japanese release is partly due to the laws on age limit.

Admission of players GTA

's world of GTA is inevitably linked to the crime and violence that have caused a lot of controversy among the Japanese public. According to estimates of the international age ratings (BBFC, OFLC, USK, etc.) the admission to the game could get a person of 15 years.
First GTA not only successfully passed all tests in compliance with the legislation of Japan and the rest of the world, but began to gain popularity with lightning speed. It remained only to wait for the official release on the PC.

Official release in Japan

The release of GTA 1 took place on 24 March 1999 caused a new wave of discussions. There are hundreds of themed fan sites, reviews, and updates for the game. As with any event that causes the interest of numerous audience, the release of GTA inevitably attracted the attention of news correspondents Japan. Unlike quickly «abating» news announcements, game GTA enjoyed growing popularity and over the years has not lost its urgency.
The popularity of the first GTA PC in Japan has led to the fact that all subsequent releases were perceived by the public as an international event. It is difficult to say that this is not true, because the number of players in GTA commensurate with the population of a small country.

the Realism of the game world

Prior to March 1999 Japanese residents still never seen such a large-scale migration of the urban infrastructure in the expanse of the virtual world. The game was attended by three of the city - liberty city, San Andreas and Vice city. Not all players immediately realized that they are copies of the real cities. Urban infrastructure for modeling was created on the basis of the topography new York, San Francisco, Miami.

15 years since the release of GTA 1 PC in Japan 15 years since the release of GTA 1 PC in Japan

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