Releases 1999: GTA London 1961 on PC

Releases 1999: GTA London 1961 on PC
About this addon't even know all the fans of the game. This was caused by several factors. Addition is an absolutely free content and it can be downloaded directly from the official site Rockstar. Therefore, the company did not hold an advertising campaign of the output of small modifications to London 1969, which itself is a separate addition to the original version of the first part of the GTA.

Exit GTA London 1961 on PC

Addition GTA London 1961 on the PC became available for download on 1 June 1999. It can only be set on top version London 1969 that you want to install over the original version of Grand Theft Auto. The add-on was only available on the PC, which further limited the number of potential consumers. How many times had downloaded the addon London 1961 unknown, as the official data on this issue are lacking. But whosoever will, to this day can download it and go from the beginning to the end. The file size is about 7 MB.

additions London 1961

Despite its small size, Supplement included 22 new type of transport. New dialogs to fully disclose to the player the backstory. Also, users have had the opportunity to play on a special map in multiplayer mode, where the main action takes place in Manchester.

the Gameplay and plot in GTA London 1961

Developers do not have to make any changes to gameplay additions leaving it unchanged since the release of Grand Theft Auto. The plot tells about the state of Affairs in London for eight years before the events in the first addition London 1969.

System requirements also remained identical to the requirements for the main part of the game. In many countries because of scenes of violence and blood of the game received a rating of "18+". Because addition is freely available for download, it is difficult to judge the compliance with any requirements.

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