The release of GTA 1 PC in Japan

the release of the first GTA for the PC in Japan
the Release of the first GTA for the PC in Japan was held on the threshold of the 21st century. Many players call this event a "breakthrough" in the world of gaming and there is a good reason. In particular, the developers of the game have managed to go beyond the linear game stories and begin the process of "merging" the real and virtual worlds.

The main emphasis in the first GTA was made on the construction of large-scale criminal environment. The main character long "is brewed in this mess and trying to break into the elite strata of crime. He has to kill, Rob, damage other people's property and to protect themselves from hostile competitors. All illegal actions bring extra points, money, allowing you to move up the "corporate ladder". In fact, almost any criminal activity only encouraged, it is important not to get the police, which may leave without money, weapons, and game progress.

Criminal expanse is vast area of Liberty City, Vice City, San Andreas. They reconstructed on the basis of actually existing at the time of development of the game area. The player is free to choose their own future course of events - complete quests to progress through the game, to travel through the virtual world and in parallel to smash transport, maim other characters to sell cars and do almost anything your heart desires.

the release of the first GTA for the PC in Japan
the release of the first GTA for the PC in Japan

the Official PC release of GTA in Japan

The official release date for Grand Theft Auto for PC (Windows) in Japan to be 24 April 1999. The players already knew what to expect from the gameplay, because in 1998 there was a PS port. The temporal proximity of these events had no significant influence on the level of sales.

By the time you receive port GTA 1 for PC public information about the merits of the game was enough. In conjunction with the extensive advertising campaigns that led to the formation of a high level of demand to the beginning of sales of the game in Japan.

Summary of comments the players on numerous information sources shows that in the first days of sales in selected stores shortages, the game disc, but the situation was quickly corrected. Today's users almost never occurs such difficulties, because the distributions can be easily downloaded from the network.

The only obstacle to the acquisition of the long-awaited gaming product was the conclusion of the age rating systems, such as USK, BBFC, OFLC and some others. Access to the game can obtain only the "adult" category of the population, as evidenced by the information on the disk. This demands quite rigidly enforced in 1999.

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