Release additions to GTA 1: London 1961 PC

Release additions to GTA 1: London 1961 PC
GTA London 1961 PC (Windows), the second and last addition for the first game in the series Grand Theft Auto. Add release took place in the late 90-ies. At this time the main game along with the addition of has gained huge success. He was associated with the principles of freedom of choice, high realism of the storyline and cartography, which are integral to the initial design.

Addition allowed to expand gaming activities outside London. Was added to the city of Manchester. Also there are new missions and text dialogs. Version London 1961 is "exclusive" for the PC, as for other gaming platforms, the addition failed.

London 1961 is a kind of "expansion module", which itself is not working. To start the upgrade, your computer must be installed the main game of GTA 1 and the first expansion to London 1969.

add Release

After the release of the first GTA gaming community and critics have tracked the course of events. This is understandable, because a successful game with the new trends in the gaming industry always attract attention. With the release of GTA 1 until London 1961 had to wait about 2 years. Official release of the add-on took place on 1 June 1999.

About any commercial success to speak of, since the update London 1961 for the PC distributed absolutely for free. For the gaming community this was great news, because serious extras for successful games rarely get the gift.

Features London 1961

Chronological chain was not consistent. Now the action takes place 8 years before the events of the first Supplement.

The composition of the supplements included more than 20 new vehicles. Have been updated dialogs and added "multiplayer map" on the territory of the new city of Manchester.

Serious graphics improvements were observed, the game is still designed to "engine", which was created for the first GTA. This is understandable, because the emphasis is on expanding the storyline and capabilities of players and not a substantial modification of the graphics quality.

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