European releases 2006: GTA LCS for PS2

European releases 2006: GTA LCS for PS2
In Europe GTA Liberty City Stories for the Playstation 2 was released 8 years ago. The cost of 3D-shooter was about $ 20, or 30 dollars less than the price at the previous 3 parts GTA. Pricing policy is connected with the lack of PS2 version support multiplayer and the ability to play music downloaded by the user. The quality of graphics remained at the level of the PSP, and it was not possible to fully open the possibility PlayStations.


From the date of the European release of the game until the end of 2007 total sales of GTA LCS for PS2 amounted to over 1.3 million dollars. This figure is almost 600 thousand dollars less than the amount of revenue from sales of the PSP version. According to the statistics by the end of March 2007 it was sold more than 8 million copies of the official game, adapted for the Playstation 2.

An impressive number of sold copies of GTA LCS partly due to the small value of the original images, each of which was worth $ 19 99 cents. Played its role and developed games in the Internet community who are actively disseminated information about the upcoming release, adapted for PS2 version of the game.

Release Liberty City Stories in Europe

The official release of GTA LCS in Europe took place on June 22, 2006. On the Internet today you can find contradictory information about the date of the event. In fact, it is an echo of the past, when network users to publish their assumptions to official statements in the company of Rockstar about the release of GTA LCS for PS2.

Development of 3D-shooter with elements of driving traditionally involved experts Rockstar North, Leeds. In the past the company was known as DMI Design. After successful completion of all stages of testing, adapted for PS2 games, to spread joined several publishers. Among them Rockstar Games and Eastern.

Innovations in GTA LCS

Updated variety of vehicles. Players are available to new motorcycles and cars, including Delmos SP, Hellenbach GT.

The writers Rockstar also work hard on creating new missions. In the frames of the main character had to perform as a peaceful activities (sale of automobiles, motorcycles)and more aggressive (organizing riots on the streets). The total number of new missions in Liberty City Stories is 8. Including Bike Salesman, Trashmaster and others.

GTA LCS for PS2 periodically observed "Parallels" with other games. For example, phrases hero in the mission "Night of the livid Dreads" coincide with the opinions of the characters from the game Max Payne. Such similarities in phrases hero, the names of the missions and individual elements in the city. Planned data similarities in advance or not, still remains an issue for discussion within the gaming community GTA.

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