Releases for PS2: GTA LCS in North America

Releases for PS2: GTA LCS in North America
it Happens, will take, and will include the old consoles, to once again pass favorite game. For already eight years have passed from the moment of purchase, but she did not bother. And it's not graph or musical arrangement is simply able to do before influential games. And sometimes rejoice that the developers don't keep his word, because initially the company did not intend to publish the game on other platforms, in addition to the PSP.

the Release of the PS2 version of LCS in North America

on 12 September 2005 in the Internet appeared the official page GTA LCS. on 6 June 2006 in North America, the market has received the first copies adapted for PS2 GTA: Liberty City Stories.

Due to the fact that the game was adapted for PS2 version portable consoles, developers do not have to process the graphics model, leaving their original form. In comparison with games GTA series, released earlier, the graphics on the level lower than the power game consoles. Such a thing did not affect the sales and for two years only in North America has sold over 3.5 million copies. Played its role and the price of a new game just 19.99$, which is more than two times less than the cost of the previous versions.

Changes in GTA LCS

When porting games on PS2 developers were forced to remove multi-user mode, because the console is not allowed to fully realize this opportunity. From music available only original soundtracks, without the opportunity to listen to the compositions of the user. Ten radio stations available to the player to include 83 unique musical composition.

The gameplay hasn't changed much, have increased the number of missions in comparison with the version of Vice city, the available Arsenal have undergone only minor changes, and the plot is a background to the main script in GTA3.

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The start of sales of GTA LCS for PS2 in Europe was scheduled for summer 2006.

In Japan, the release of the first 3D version of GTA 3 for Xbox took place in July 2004.

In 2002 the release of GTA 3 for PC in Australia and Europe.

12 years ago in North America came the first 3D version of GTA.

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