Releases 2002: GTA 3 PC in Europe and Australia

Releases 2002 GTA 3 PC in Europe and Australia
the Official release of GTA 3 for PC in Austria and Europe took place in may 2002. Over one and a half years the gaming community was expecting the game since the release in the U.S. the first versions adapted for PS2.

GTA 3 was first used three-dimensional graphics. It is allowed to bring the realism of the game world to a qualitatively new level. Due to the implementation of the principle of freedom of choice and three-dimensional graphics GTA 3 stood out sharply against the background of traditional games with linear script.

waiting 3D version of GTA 3 for PC

Rumors about the upcoming release of 3D-shooter was distributed in Australia and Europe with lightning speed. Resonant events strengthened the success of the previous games in the series, Grand Theft Auto.

The first modification of the graphic module RenderWare for GTA far from modern advances in 3D imaging, but is a breakthrough for the beginning of the 21st century. Three-dimensional models of people and vehicles composed of individual items, linked with a common "core".

the Official release of GTA 3 in Europe and Australia

With the official release of GTA 3 for PC in Australia and Europe have passed 12 years. Expected in the game community event occurred on may 24, 2002.

Australian certification Commission OFLC (A) established for the game age limit "MA15+". European rating system installed more than the hard limit "18+". Mentions of it were printed on all of licensing implemented on the territory of countries.

Major publishers GTA 3 in Europe and Austria have become the company's Steam (Valve) and Rockstar Games. They are the publishers of the international level and cooperate with the companies-distributors practically on all continents.

After its launch has begun discussion of three-dimensional visualization of the game world. Have created hundreds of thematic communities that are not used to the 3D special effects and wanted to share his discovery.

By 2014 in Australia, Europe and other countries have been many modifications of the original GTA 3. Among the updates include improved graphics, new features, cars, weapons.

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In North America, GTA LCS for PS2 went on sale in 2006.

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In Japan, the release of the first 3D version of GTA 3 for Xbox took place in July 2004.

12 years ago in North America came the first 3D version of GTA.

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