The release of GTA 3 in North America, 2002

Release GTA 3 in North America
2 years after the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto 3 in North America, began selling PC version of the game. It is the first three-dimensional implementation of the GTA series of games, making it the most anticipated among players.

12 years ago every modification of the game can be run only on a particular platform (PS, PC, Xbox). Users can easily use the PC simulator game platforms and immerse yourself in the first three-dimensional world of GTA.

Developers GTA 3 for PC

Developments of the first 3D version of the game was conducted by the staff DMA Design. In the modern world the company is known as Rokstar North. The game was designed for multiple target audience. Therefore, used in the development of 3D engine games took into account the technical capabilities of computers 2002. Interest is the combination of "triples" in the phrase "3D graphics" and "GTA 3". Is it a coincidence deliberate or accidental still being discussed within the gaming community in North America.

Innovations in GTA 3 for PC

GTA 3 was one of the first games that combine the principle of free choice and realization of three-dimensional graphics. Amazing for 2002 effects achieved through the use of graphics software module Renderware. Its modifications were used for subsequent games in the GTA series.

Players now have the opportunity to listen to several radio stations in the car. Was realized play your own tunes on private radio stations. To do this in the root folder of the game was downloaded MP3 files.

the Official release of GTA 3 in North America

may 20, 2002 - the date which is long remembered by the fans of GTA in North America. On this day the game came into the mass market. The company's revenues Rockstar started in the millions of dollars.

The main publishers of the first three-dimensional version of GTA in North America became the company Rockstar Gamer and Valve (Steam). Later they were joined by Capcom, Soft Club and 1C for the spread of the game to other continents.

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