European releases: GTA 3 for PSN

European releases: GTA 3 for PSN
the First release of GTA 3 for the second generation of PlayStation is dated October 2001. The path of adapting games for different game consoles lasted almost 11 years, ending in 2012. At this time, the game was first introduced for the PS3 and made available on the PlayStation Network (PSN).

Such a long delay the European release of GTA 3 is quite well-grounded reasons. The prefix PS3 appeared only in 2006, after 5 years since the release of the PS2 games. At this time the attention of the developers was focused on the adaptation of 3D-shooter for mobile platforms and Mac OS. With the completion of ongoing projects, the creators of Grand Theft Auto full engaged in the adaptation of the game for today's PSN network.

European releases: GTA 3 for PSN

the Developers of GTA 3 PSN

Among the developers of GTA 3 are employees of Rockstar Vienna, Rockstar North and DMA Design, known in modern society as Rockstar North Limited. It became the main developer of the PSN version of the game.

The first official announcement about the release of 3D-shooter for PSN began to appear in the first half of 2012. Despite them, the gaming community was regularly mislead. Leakage of information from different sources, inaccurate information and speculations players led to the emergence of the niche sites false dates of releases. All doubts were dispelled only for a couple of weeks before the official release of the game.

the Official release of GTA 3 PSN in Europe

On the game's information resources, including fan sites, referred to different dates of the same event - the release of the PSN version of GTA 3. The most common date - 25th and 31st July 16 and September 27, 2012.

Actually the official release of the PlayStation Network was held on 29 September 2012. The game became available to Europeans over the age of 18, however, compliance with the age limit in the virtual network appears to be highly questionable.

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