Релизы в Японии: GTA 3 для PS

Releases in Japan: GTA 3 for PS
In the series of Grand Theft Auto in 2001 was first introduced 3D-game - GTA 3. Three-dimensional graphics was still far from perfect, although it was a novelty in those days. For processing graphics replied engine RenderWare. In his later repeatedly modified for release of subsequent games.

In Japan GTA 3 for PS appeared only in 2003, after nearly 2 years after the official release of the game. The delay is due to the abundance of violence in the vast virtual world and the stringent laws in force in the country.

the Developers and publishers

Developments of the third GTA games for the PlayStation were mainly conducted by the staff of DMA Design. Among the "global" publishers include Valve (Steam) and Rockstar Games, "localized" - Soft Club, Beech, 1C and Capcom.

The emergence of GTA 3 on Japan's community is obliged by Capcom. Its employees in conjunction with the developers have prepared the documents and made mandatory amendments to the localized version of the game needed to start selling in the country.

On 3D-shooter were applied strict age limit from 15+to 18+". Age criteria depended on the territory of the distribution and the company's assessment of GTA 3. It was attended by the BBFC rating system, OFLC, PEGI, and some others.

Official releases GTA 3 in Japan

From September 25, 2003 the people of Japan could buy the official version of GTA 3, adapted for the PlayStation 2. Notable is the fact that the prefix "originates from Japan and was released Sony Computer Entertainment for 3 years before the third GTA.

The success of the previous games in the series Grand Theft Auto, in combination with the use of innovative in those days 3D graphics provided formation of lightning popularity and demand. Sales figures exceeded all expectations, and developers and publishers received due recognition and reward.

Years after the first release of the graphical environment and the individual elements of the game environment in GTA 3 were subjected to small changes. They have become essential to the game's release, adapted for consoles next generation PlayStation 3. The official release of GTA 3 for PS3 took place on 29 September 2012. By that time it was not necessary to wait for traditional shops disks with the game. Electronic distributions can be easily purchased on the official trading portals Rockstar.

Releases in Japan: GTA 3 for PS

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